[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Kansas City debate #3]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Videomaker Skip Blumberg travels to Kansas City to shoot Bill Clinton's team preparing for the first of three presidential debates.

00:00Copy video clip URL Shots from an airplane as it lands, after which the tape cuts to Skip Blumberg in an hotel room. He tapes a good view of the Kansas City skyline, and walks through the futuristic debate complex.

4:35Copy video clip URL In a hotel lobby, Skip Blumberg and Tom Weinberg interview Robert Barnett, an attorney from Washington who is playing the role of President Bush in Bill Clinton’s debate prep. Barnett prepares all 88 issues himself, though Clinton has 60 people assisting him. He draws the distinction between playing the part and imitating Bush, and explains exactly how his position is supposed to aid Clinton. He also speaks favorably about Clinton’s advisers.

18:33Copy video clip URL Blumberg visits Clinton’s speechwriters, including Paul Begala, who time Clinton’s speeches and write questions for the rehearsal debate. They are frantically typing, but there are only a few shots of the actual questions on the screen.

30:17Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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