[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Kansas City debate #4]

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Raw footage for The 90's election special. Clinton debate prep Kansas City #4. Skip Blumberg travels to Kansas City to shoot Bill Clinton's team preparing for the first of three presidential debates.

0:00 Blumberg interviews Bruce Reed, Clinton’s deputy campaign manager for policy, about life on the campaign trail. Reed calls Clinton a “wonk” – someone who’s a geek about policy issues. On the speechwriting: “We’ve got half of Hollywood trying to write [one liners] for the debate, but the best lines are the ones that come from the heart, that he creates on his own.”

9:00 Blumberg talks to people who are waiting in the hotel to see if they can catch a glimpse of Clinton or get his autograph. He also shoots Dee Dee Meyers, Clinton’s press secretary, deflecting questions about Clinton’s health.

35:10 Charles Stephenson, president and owner of the Orion Group, a dignitary protect ion company, answers a few questions about the level of security at the hotel where Clinton is staying.

37:10 James Carville enters the room and is interviewed by Blumberg about his newfound celebrity while Bill and Hillary Clinton shake hands and sign autographs.

46:30 Another interview with Bruce Reed about the structure of the three-way debate.

49:20 The cover of the New York Times with the picture of Clinton at work at his desk that we saw the press shoot the day before.

49:40 Blumberg and Weinberg interview George Stephanopoulos about the debate rehearsal.

53:05 Interview with Mark Miller, a reporter for Newsweek. He talks about how technology has been changing political campaigns.

1:03:20 A short interview with James Carville about the use of technology in the campaign. He also tells Blumberg that if he was elected, he would not go with Clinton to the White House.

1:06:17 Blumberg talks to some kids who are waiting to see Clinton.

1:08:40 Blumberg tours the staff headquarters. Adam Sohn shows off their high tech laptops that are connected to the Internet. He also describes how they protect secure information. We then watch some of the debate rehearsal on a television. Clinton ‘s speechwriters try out some lines for him to use during the debate.

1:21:05 Blumberg goes back to the lobby to shoot Clinton walking around and shaking hands.

1:22:20 Rodney Slater, senior advisor for Clinton’s campaign, talks about his long relationship with the Governor and life on the campaign trail. Then Paul Begala, a one of Clinton’s speechwriters, talks very forcefully about Clinton’s chances in the debate.

1:43:00 A man takes Weinberg and Blumberg into the room where Clinton had the practice debate and shows us the mockup of the stage.

1:49:10 A reception for Clinton.



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