[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Kerrey, Bush, Clinton in New Hampshire]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NE) campaigns in New Hampshire, followed by brief footage of President George H.W. Bush, and then Governor Bill Clinton.

00:00Copy video clip URL Kerrey visits a classroom and reads to young children.

08:40Copy video clip URL Kerrey: “Is he tired?” “No, he’s scared.” “So am I.”

08:41Copy video clip URL Driving and interview with a man who remembers his first campaign he covered with Nelson Rockefeller in 1968. He says that while the Iowa caucus usually sets the tone for New Hampshire, winning it did not do Harkin much good. He says that the craft of reporting hasn’t changed much over the years but that television has made plenty of differences. He calls the candidates “self-absorbed,” citing candidates who do the same act and the same speeches but do not listen or respond to the crowd.

15:45Copy video clip URL After taking office, “[Jimmy Carter] didn’t really change. He was the same person. That was the problem.”

16:42Copy video clip URL Reporter speaks on different forms of media covering the candidates.

18:12Copy video clip URL Kerrey speaks on his healthcare plan, the connection between voters’ trust and personal character examination of candidates. A woman asks about crime prevention.

21:11Copy video clip URL Signs against President George H.W. Bush.

22:47Copy video clip URL Office of Governor Mario Cuomo’s supporters. They watch a promotional ad made for him.

25:15Copy video clip URL Demonstrators protest against Bush’s tax policy. Several ad lib songs about the president.

30:08Copy video clip URL Demonstrator explains that he has a baloney sandwich for the president.

31:36Copy video clip URL Comedian Pat Paulsen expresses worry over White House Chief of Staff Samuel Skinner, drawing attention to his initials. He says his slogan is: “I’ll be a decisive president, probably.” A young demonstrator holds a large credit-card style “Voodoo Economics Card.”

35:09Copy video clip URL Footage from reporters’ room.

37:30Copy video clip URL Reporters watch Bush give an address on television.

42:25Copy video clip URL Supporter of democratic candidate Tom Laughlin.

42:34Copy video clip URL Footage from mall.

47:10Copy video clip URL Bush arrives and greets supporters. Some chant “We want Bush!” and a reporter asks, unanswered, about some allegations made by Clinton.

51:02Copy video clip URL Reporter talks about speaking with Bush. He says “The president meeting real people and real people meeting the president.” “I’m moved, genuinely,” he laughs.

51:16Copy video clip URL Footage from Chubb corporation building in Concord. A newswoman speaks about Bush calling her radio station and speaking about healthcare and being confident about an easy reelection.

54:30Copy video clip URL Clinton arrives.

56:01Copy video clip URL Clinton is introduced.

57:00Copy video clip URL Clinton jokes about New Hampsherites mispronunciation of Arkansas. He laughs, “After all the things I’ve been called in the last month, that’s the least of my worries.” He speaks on his plan to implement a national service program. He mentions the Savings and Loans Crisis.

61:22Copy video clip URL Clinton takes questions.

63:05Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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