[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Little Rock #3]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Election Night, Little Rock #3.

00:01Copy video clip URL Footage from outside the town hall. A man holds his baby daughter and says he voted for Bill, knows his wife’s name, but gets stuck at his daughter’s name. He says that a year ago he knew something was going to happen, but not that Governor Bill Clinton would win the presidency.

06:54Copy video clip URL The crowd chants “We want Bill.”

07:27Copy video clip URL Man welcomes the audience members and invites them to join in the national anthem. “God Bless America” and several other songs are performed.

14:46Copy video clip URL The Clinton family is welcomed in front of the crowds.

17:01Copy video clip URL Clinton addresses the crowd, saying that a massive number of Americans came out to vote for change.

18:53Copy video clip URL Footage of Clinton’s address broadcast on various screens. He says that more than new policies and programs, America needs a new sense of community and interdependence. “I still believe in a place called hope,” he proclaims. There is music and much celebrating among the crowd.

30:26Copy video clip URL Staffer John Hart waves to the camera. Audio cuts out while a band plays.

31:58Copy video clip URL Audio resumes.

32:51Copy video clip URL The Clintons and the Gores take the stage in the convention center. They address the audience, hard to hear over the cheering. Clinton thanks everyone and Senator Al Gore says everyone must help Clinton be the best president the nation has ever had. Afterwards people dance and celebrate in the confetti. The convention center slowly empties.

51:13Copy video clip URL Clinton campaign strategist George Stephanopoulos appears briefly with staff and reporters.

52:05Copy video clip URL David Wilhelm talks about the transition, saying the campaign officials know very little about what’s to come. He says the economy is something the president needs to respond to, not an abstract, esoteric presence. He says that President George H.W. Bush could have won if he had put forward a more developed, fitting economic platform. Wilhelm says that Ohio was the most gratifying victory. He tells another reporter that he thinks Illinois will be remembered as a triumphant, turning point in the campaign.

57:50Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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