[The 90s Election Specials raw: Mel Reynolds dissing Jones]

Footage for The 90's Election Specials. This tape contains much of the same material as #10685, with some additions, including footage of the South Side Irish parade, the Third Baptist Church in Chicago, Carol Moseley Braun at Operation PUSH, Mel Reynolds campaign headquarters, and tape of a television showing archival footage of a Harold Washington campaign event.

00:00Copy video clip URL Bill Clinton in a swarm of people at the South Side Irish parade. Videomaker Andrew Jones talks to people walking with Clinton in the parade.

04:24Copy video clip URL At the Third Baptist Church in Chicago (where a controversial Gus Savage rally had taken place on a previous tape). Shots of the exterior. Their sign says “Socrates Drank the Hemlock, Jesus died on the Rood.” He runs into the minister, Elmer Fowler, and Fowler gives Jones the same interview as on a previous tape. Fowler says that the church has decided that such a rally will never take place in the church again. He does not endorse Savage but encourages voting and awareness of politics.

07:41Copy video clip URL In a car, the radio gives reports on current elections. There is an interview with Carol Moseley Braun. They also explain the check overdraft scandal, a scandal in which Congressman Charles Hayes was involved.

13:04Copy video clip URL The very end of Carol Moseley Braun’s speech a Operation PUSH, an event focused on women. The crowd chants, “We Want Carol!” Another woman asks for all methods of support for the coming election. The rally ends with a prayer.

21:00Copy video clip URL The speeches are over, Carol Moseley Braun greets enthusiastic supporters. Jones approaches Braun for an interview (though she is distracted), and asks her why she is running this year, and she says that this year the Senate has been especially flawed. She doesn’t think that she is working specifically for black politics, but has been supported across the board. “Race based politics don’t serve anybody’s interests.” The background noise is very loud.

31:41Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, Jones asks Braun about her career being influenced by Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, with whom she worked. She does not endorse a presidential candidate.

34:56Copy video clip URL Jones asks people at the rally why they support Braun.

35:42Copy video clip URL At Mel Reynolds’ campaign headquarters, Jones tries to get an interview with Mel Reynolds, but they tell him he needs an appointment. Mel Reynolds leaves the headquarters, gets into his car and drives away, ignoring Jones.

39:45Copy video clip URL Interview with one of Mel Reynolds’ campaign workers, who denies knowledge of a bounced check of Reynolds’ (which Gus Savage had displayed at his rally on an earlier tape).

41:03Copy video clip URL Tape of a TV which shows black Chicago politicians, including Harold Washington. The tape is of a fundraiser for Washington’s second term (in 1987). The tape also briefly shows Congressman Charles Hayes, who endorses Washington and dispels former Mayor Jane Byrne’s criticisms of Washington.

48:41Copy video clip URL There is also an almost inaudible interview with Washington about what Byrne has said. He gives a sort of campaign speech about the initiatives he has begun in Chicago, such as the expansion of O’Hare airport and the transit system. “I am satisfied that our administration has been so impartial… so progressive… so reformed…”

01:02:19Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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