[The 90s Election Specials raw: Mel Reynolds]

Footage for The 90's Election Specials. Videomaker Andrew Jones goes on a mission to find the campaign car of Mel Reynolds (who is running for Congress against incumbent Gus Savage), which was shot at in a drive-by the night before, eventually getting an exclusive interview with Reynolds himself.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:19Copy video clip URL A man makes a phone call to Mel Reynolds’ house (running for the House of Representatives against Gus Savage), trying to get reach Reynolds because someone reportedly attempted to shoot him the night before. No one answers the phone. Then the tape cuts to the inside of a car, from which the Chicago skyline is visible. The radio explains the Mel Reynolds story. Reynolds was apparently hurt from flying glass in a drive-by shooting.

03:42Copy video clip URL Videomaker Andrew Jones arrives at the police station, trying to find the Mel Reynolds’ “blasted” car. He is unsuccessful and goes to multiple places trying to find it, including a police car impound lot.

12:28Copy video clip URL Mel Reynolds campaign headquarters, where Jones and his companion try to get an interview with Reynolds. There is a policeman stationed inside the locked headquarters, and eventually a man opens the door to inform Jones when Reynolds will have a press conference. Jones gains access inside to an exclusive conference.

18:40Copy video clip URL Reynolds arrives with a large band-aid on his head (from glass cuts), and recounts the tale of the attempted drive-by to select press members. He says he feels fine, and discusses the political implications and campaign against Savage at length. He criticizes Savage’s lack of action, since Savage has only presented two pieces of legislation (on naming buildings) in 12 years.

35:49Copy video clip URL The 90’s talks to Reynolds exclusively, and Reynolds clarifies some of Savage’s criticisms of himself. He also talks about the media coverage of the campaign, and black politics in Chicago.

40:00Copy video clip URL Cutaways of Reynolds’ office, some of his campaign workers.

40:30Copy video clip URL Reynolds outside talking to some press about offices being broken into, death threats, and general harassment of his campaign. Footage of Reynolds’ car with bullet holes.

44:30Copy video clip URL Back in the car.

45:24Copy video clip URL Jones and his companion arrive at Gus Savage’s campaign office but they are not able to reach the Congressman.

51:41Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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