[The 90’s Election Specials raw: New Hampshire #2 – the spinners]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. In the press room before, during, and after the 1992 Democratic Primary Debate in New Hampshire. Several reporters, and Democratic spin doctors are featured.

00:06Copy video clip URL A Barbara Bush life size cardboard replica, and then driving on the highway.

00:50Copy video clip URL Candidate Bill Clinton gives an interview to the press. He calls himself trustworthy, and disputes allegations that he dodged the draft.

02:20Copy video clip URL In the press room before the 1992 Democratic primary debate in New Hampshire. The sound cuts outs briefly. A reporter tells videomaker Scott Jacobs the schedules of the candidates, and shows him a hand-held device that contains phone numbers, etc.

07:20Copy video clip URL The press mingles.

11:31Copy video clip URL A reporter mocks the process of political spin, explaining: “Spin is merely interpretation by the candidate’s operatives…[spin] used to be called ‘lies’…reality is no longer good enough, we have to get an interpretation of reality to know what really happened.”

12:31Copy video clip URL The press watch a large screen which shows the concurrent debate. Press watch, take notes and type. Jacobs shoots parts of the debate off this screen, but they are frequently cut or inaudible.

17:55Copy video clip URL The debate ends, and the reporter seen before says, “Alright, spin me!” Jacobs is introduced to Paul Tsongas’ twin sister, Thaleia Schlesinger, who thinks Tsongas did very well.

19:25Copy video clip URL Jacobs tapes spinners for Clinton (calling him “very presidential”), and for Tom Harkin (another Democratic presidential candidate).

25:30Copy video clip URL Jerry Brown is the first candidate to emerge to the press. He takes the stage to make a statement and answer questions. The tape cuts to the end of Brown’s question-and-answer session.

27:19Copy video clip URL A worker for candidate Bob Kerrey says “he showed a real intensity of dedication.” Then, Paul and Niki Tsongas take the stage. A man surrounded by press says he believes the next president was at one of the podia.

33:20Copy video clip URL Our reporter friend acquired the first half of a transcript of the debate. Bob Kerrey then appears, and states that the debate was not long enough. Jacobs wanders around to tape reporters who must get their stories out very soon.

38:43Copy video clip URL One reporter criticizes the League of Women Voters. “They can take the American presidential race, the most exciting act in the free world, and kill it! They can drive a stake through its heart.”

40:40Copy video clip URL Our reporter tells us an anecdote about Lee Atwater, who was asked to spin and then was made fun of for it.

42:25Copy video clip URL Al Franken makes a brief cameo. A reporter, John Jacobs, talks to us about writing lead stories versus writing analysis. “This is an utter waste of time and money, as far as I’m concerned.”

48:40Copy video clip URL The tape concludes with several campaign commercials for Jim Lennane (R), George HW Bush (R), Paul Tsongas (D), Bill Clinton (D), Paul Fisher (?), Jerry Brown (D) and Tom Harkin (D), and news footage taped off of a TV screen.

01:03:11Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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