[The 90’s Election Specials raw: New Hampshire #3, Election Day]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. At a polling place on primary election day in New Hampshire, mostly observing TV reporters interview voters and elections workers. Also at a George H.W. Bush re-election party. In between the footage of the polling place and the Bush party is a montage of signs from the various candidates' campaign offices.

00:00Copy video clip URL Exterior of debate hall.

01:33Copy video clip URL Interior of hall.

03:10Copy video clip URL Television staff laugh at footage of “George Bush’s dog.”

05:04Copy video clip URL Footage in office of Mario Cuomo supporters.

07:29Copy video clip URL Television interview of Cuomo supporter regarding logistics and predictions.

08:50Copy video clip URL “Governor Cuomo has to solve his budget crisis in New York. That’s his first obligation….”

09:43Copy video clip URL “Former Senator Tsongas looks as if he will win this one quite handily” but regarding the long-term for the Democratic Party, “a clear winner, at least at this moment, is not in sight.”

12:05Copy video clip URL Exterior footage of signs for “Moon Beam,” Clinton, Brown, “Dark Horse” candidates.

12:38Copy video clip URL Footage of young boy holding sign for Tsongas, signs for Harkin.

12:06Copy video clip URL Nighttime exterior of Hateau Lounge.

13:46Copy video clip URL Interior, “Mario Cuomo victory party.”

14:54Copy video clip URL Supporters of Bush-Quayle including several College Republicans for Bush.

15:40Copy video clip URL Footage of musical performance.

17:16Copy video clip URL Crowd chants for “four more years.”

17:53Copy video clip URL Speaker: “Let’s be excited because the results are very, very good.” Unofficial results follow.

19:00Copy video clip URL Exterior footage of cameraman.

19:36Copy video clip URL End of footage.



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