[The 90’s Election Specials raw: New Hampshire #4]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Following Bill Clinton on the campaign trail a day before the primary in New Hampshire. Also at the campaign office for write-in candidate Mario Cuomo.

0:01Copy video clip URL Clinton supporters wait for his arrival.

00:21Copy video clip URL Clinton arrives, greets supporters who chant “We want Bill.”

01:33Copy video clip URL Clinton briefly addresses the crowd: “I think we plainly, plainly showed the American people last night I was capable of taking on the President, capable of generating a challenge.” Clinton jokes with supporters, “We’re wasting time with each other. I know who you’re for, let’s go.”

04:01Copy video clip URL Clinton makes another brief statement to a crowd outside of Nashua City Hall, where he began his campaign the previous year.

04:48Copy video clip URL Clinton: “I believe we can do better. And tomorrow I want you to begin to do what America needs to do: not to elect the last president of the 20th century looking backwards, but to elect the first president of the 21st century looking forwards!”

05:35Copy video clip URL Crowd chants “Go Bill go!” mostly drowning out Clinton as he moves through a throng of supporters, speaking to several.

5:51Copy video clip URL Clinton’s van appears to receive a parking ticket.

06:10Copy video clip URL Clinton greets mother and baby, saying he’ll try to give the daughter the kind of country to grow up in that her mother wants.

7:30Copy video clip URL Clinton waves to supporters, gets in his van, and slowly drives off.

9:37Copy video clip URL Cuomo supporters do some planning and organization.

12:04Copy video clip URL Cuomo supporter speaks of earlier experiences with the Governor.

13:38Copy video clip URL Supporter makes phone calls asking for votes for Cuomo the following day, “I’ve done very well though…. Yesterday I didn’t do so well.”

16:28Copy video clip URL Speaker introduces Tsongas.

17:10Copy video clip URL Tsongas appears.

17:55Copy video clip URL Fragments of Tsongas’ statement: against middle-class tax cuts, “Good people get hurt badly…,” “George Bush does not think in these terms. There is the child who will grow up, inherit the world we give him. That is our ultimate responsibility whether you talk about individual rights…”

19:09Copy video clip URL Tsongas signs autographs and takes pictures.

21:15Copy video clip URL Footage of the empty room after the talk.

21:37Copy video clip URL External footage with Cuomo sign.

22:07Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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