[The 90’s Election Specials raw: New Hampshire Primary]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Various footage of the candidates and their supporters on New Hampshire primary election day.

00:00Copy video clip URL Cameraman speaks on what he’s captured: a moment for when Clinton loses, some artsy shots, and footage away from the center of attention. He tells how the Clinton campaign decided to use a handheld rope instead of Secret Service to manage the press: “They usually only succeed in keeping each other from where they’re supposed to be rather than doing anything productive.”

03:16Copy video clip URL Governor Bill Clinton appears, meets with supporters.

05:35Copy video clip URL Bill and Hillary Clinton say hello to eight-year-old Destiny Cheney. “Destiny! We’ve been looking for you for months.”

09:37Copy video clip URL Crowd tries to get Senator Paul Tsongas (D-MA) to speak on Haiti and AIDS.

10:10Copy video clip URL Demonstrators from Act Up protest President George H.W. Bush’s silence regarding AIDS. They have a coffin with Bush’s image on it and hang obituaries on trees.

14:27Copy video clip URL Man holds a sign saying the U.S. is self-destructing and says his solution is dying in twenty years.

15:48Copy video clip URL Demonstrators crowd onto the street.

16:00Copy video clip URL Russell Hirshon tells citizens “If you don’t vote, I just might win.”

18:15Copy video clip URL Dozens of demonstrators protest outside an office for Bush.

20:36Copy video clip URL Brief argument between Act Up demonstrators and several Pat Buchanan supporters.

22:46Copy video clip URL Visibility supporter for Tsongas has a large sign and wants to spread the name across the country.

23:10Copy video clip URL Tsongas sits in a news office then speaks with some reporters.

25:28Copy video clip URL Tsongas steps outside and gives brief answers on money for the handicapped and his environmental policy.

28:24Copy video clip URL Supporters for Buchanan.

29:45Copy video clip URL Russell Hirshon waves to traffic. He calls the candidates “entertainers” and says that while politics are funny, it is important to get to people involved and voting. “If people don’t vote and people don’t show an interest in politics then anyone can get into office and unfortunately, people won’t be held accountable for their actions.”

32:06Copy video clip URL Footage from newsroom. Footage of machine labeled “Candidates Voice Stress Analyzer.” Newsman talks about the major news channels pooling together for coverage.

37:18Copy video clip URL Footage of vice-presidential candidate Herbert Clark and a Peruvian supporter.

39:28Copy video clip URL Supporters demonstrate for Buchanan, Bush, Tsongas, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), and Governor Mario Cuomo.

40:50Copy video clip URL Man holds signs that read “Bush sells out U.S. taxpayers to homosexual pornographers!” and “Bush- the Neville Chamberlain of American politics!” He quarrels with the cameraman over press credentials.

42:35Copy video clip URL Buchanan takes the podium. He speaks against Bush meeting with “the people he’s supposed to be fighting.” He avoids a question from a detractor.

47:02Copy video clip URL Sign for Da Vid, a write-in candidate with the Human Ecology Party, for president.

47:26Copy video clip URL Audio levels drop. Interview with Da Vid at headquarters of the Human Ecology Party in Manchester. He speaks on the need for a new holistic politics that matches heightened levels of compassion. Sign outside advertises a “Health and Freedom Experience” for $10.

52:26Copy video clip URL Sign: “Save Jobs Tax Pot.”

52:44Copy video clip URL Footage of preparations for the debate.

54:53Copy video clip URL Nighttime supporters of Bush, Tsongas, Harkin, Larry Agran, and Jerry Brown.

55:51Copy video clip URL Footage of setting up the debate and the debate screened live for reporters.

61:42Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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