[The 90’s Election Specials raw: New Hampshire with Clinton and Kerrey]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. This tape begins with footage of buildings and campaign offices in Manchester and Concord, New Hampshire. It then features footage with Bill Clinton and Bob Kerrey speaking about their support for small business.

00:00Copy video clip URL Camera check.

00:15Copy video clip URL Footage of plane approaching Manchester, NH.

04:20Copy video clip URL Footage of Manchester airport.

05:15Copy video clip URL Footage of Manchester.

11:14Copy video clip URL Footage outside the Republican State Headquarters.

13:57Copy video clip URL Inside the Republican State Headquarters.

15:43Copy video clip URL Footage around Manchester.

16:30Copy video clip URL Footage in office of Clinton supporters in Concord.

21:48Copy video clip URL Footage from office of Wilder supporters, including a map of headquarters.

23:50Copy video clip URL Footage around Concord.

25:29Copy video clip URL Footage of television broadcast including news of the Democratic Primary.

30:02Copy video clip URL Visibility supporters of Clinton on the street in Manchester.

35:01Copy video clip URL Clinton arrives to meet with Enviro – Tote.

37:00Copy video clip URL Clinton does a press op. at the tote bag factory.

43:16Copy video clip URL Clinton speaks casually with reporters about tote bags printed with “Clinton for President.” Clinton: “I wish I could put a slogan on it: ‘It’s in the bag.’ I don’t think I can do that until about July.”

45:59Copy video clip URL Clinton addresses the press, mentioning Enviro – Tote as an example of the kind of small company that is capable of creating new jobs in America.

47:25Copy video clip URL Clinton: “The Democrats are committed to having affordable health care for all Americans…. What I try to do, to say ‘unless we get the economy going… we’re never going to be able to do what we need to do….'”

49:00Copy video clip URL Clinton walks back and forth with the Clinton tote bag for photographers.

50:54Copy video clip URL Clinton visits Global Ozone Solutions in Nashua, a small company developing technology to reduce CFCs.

56:50Copy video clip URL Clinton mentions his plan to give small businesses involved in new ventures a 50% tax break.

58:38Copy video clip URL Unknown speaker on leaving large corporations for small entrepreneurial ventures and the necessity of banks’ accepting collateral other than real estate.

61:56Copy video clip URL Clinton mentions support for promoting intellectual property as acceptable collateral and the relevance of “good environmental laws.”

64:58Copy video clip URL Kennedy statue outside Nashua City Hall.

69:58Copy video clip URL Senator Bob Kerrey arrives at Nashua Corporation. Kerrey speaks on government support of corporations.

70:43Copy video clip URL Kerrey: “The marketplace will still determine whether or not Nashua survives…. [I’ve] talked about the need in the post-Cold War era for us to transition away from defense technologies into civilian technologies.”

76:55Copy video clip URL Television footage.

79:18Copy video clip URL Clinton press conference. Clinton speaks on growing bankruptcy and welfare in New Hampshire and the potential of small companies and innovative technology.

82:50Copy video clip URL Clinton outlines a plan to raise taxes for those with higher incomes and give tax breaks for small businesses. “Every one of use is going to have to change and accept the challenges… but we can do it.”

84:30Copy video clip URL Clinton speaks on his healthcare plan.

88:50Copy video clip URL Clinton leaves podium.

90:44Copy video clip URL Footage of Clinton at the Workmen’s Club. Clinton meets locals, plays table shuffleboard and billiards.

99:35Copy video clip URL Clinton plays Nat King Cole from a Jukebox.

102:00Copy video clip URL Clinton visits Jimmy’s Pizza.

105:54Copy video clip URL End of footage.



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