[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Paul Tsongas at Apostolic Church of God #1]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. No sound until 18:00. Democratic presidential candidate Paul Tsongas makes an appearance at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood. This massive, largely black church is full and busy. Its pastor, Dr. Arthur M. Brazier, was an important figure in the Civil Rights Movement as a founder of The Woodlawn Organization. The service starts around twenty one minutes. Tsongas sits next to Dr. Brazier during the service, awkwardly clapping along to the gospel choir. The most amusing part of the tape occurs at thirty two minutes when Tsongas is unsure of what to do upon receiving the collection plate. Brazier sees him and snatches it away.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with color bars.

00:30Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of two law enforcement officials outside of the Apostolic Church of God. Churchgoers are seen making their way into the building as the cameraman gathers shots b-roll of the exterior. There is no audio on this portion of the tape.

02:25Copy video clip URL Church goers prepare for the service inside the building. A woman is seen interviewing various members of the congregation, presumably about Paul Tsongas’ upcoming visit. Footage of families making their way into the church also continues. Several television camera crews set up inside of the church. The place is a bit of a madhouse before Tsongas arrives. This lasts for a good portion of the tape. No sound for much of this section.

18:01Copy video clip URL The sounds cuts back in. Loud music blasts through the speakers as everyone prepares for the event to begin. The gospel choir and musicians fill the stage.

20:37Copy video clip URL A man addresses the crowd before the service actually begins. Afterward, the choir breaks out in song. Tsongas can be seen on the stage awkwardly clapping along to the music.

23:47Copy video clip URL Dr. Arthur Brazier takes the podium. He welcomes Paul Tsongas to the service and leads off with an opening prayer. Other members of the church take the podium and say a few prayers. The choir then sings another gospel song.

32:20Copy video clip URL Dr. Brazier notes that U.S. Senate candidate Carol Moseley Braun is in the audience. Moseley stands up and waves to the audience as they applaud her. Brazier then invites Tsongas to take the podium and address the audience.

35:14Copy video clip URL Tsongas takes the podium and introduces his wife. He then begins to talk about his hopes for the presidency. He tells a story about his mother becoming stricken with tuberculosis when he was a child. He also talks about the importance of spirituality. After finishing his address, Tsongas shakes a number of hands and makes his way out of the building.

44:18Copy video clip URL The audio cuts out once again. The choir can be seen performing on stage. Audience members are seen singing along with the choir as well.

49:00Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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