[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Paul Tsongas at Harper High School, part 1]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Senator Paul Tsongas, running in the Democratic presidential primary, visits Harper High School, a predominately African-American school on the South Side of Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Stock prices running across a television screen.

00:59Copy video clip URL Harper High School exterior, videomaker Skip Blumberg talks to other members of the press.

04:34Copy video clip URL Before Tsongas arrives, Blumberg talks to students about the visit. The students are excited and polite, but say their school needs money.

10:24Copy video clip URL The journalists, on the other hand, seem annoyed by Tsongas’ short visit: “He flies in, he makes one stop [in Illinois], and he’s gone… I don’t understand that kind of campaign.” The students flood out into the room, and a man from the school gives an introduction.

23:21Copy video clip URL Tsongas arrives, walking into the school’s gymnasium, where students are crowded around a small platform. The journalists are kept to the back.

25:40Copy video clip URL Tsongas gives an extremely dry speech about the uncomfortable subjects of his own-near terminal cancer and his mother’s early death from tuberculosis. He does not sound like a politician, and is rather unenthusiastic about the topics. After discussing cancer, Tsongas goes into a lengthy explanation of his tax policies, all for an audience who is mostly interested to hear what he plans to do for urban schools. “I’m the non-Santa Claus. So no middle class tax cut.”

48:00Copy video clip URL During the end of the speech and afterward, Blumberg talks to a few more students about the visit, who are very excited and ready to vote for Tsongas. “I am going to tell my parents to vote for Mr… What’s his name?” – “Tsongas.” – “Mr. Tsongas, because he’s a very nice man.” Two girls, summing Bush up in one word, call him “liar” and “garbage.”

55:28Copy video clip URL The cynical reporter to whom Blumberg spoke at the beginning of the tape is similarly irritated after the event: “He takes life easy. He’s leaving here and going to the airport and spending a bunch of time doing nothing. That’s his style of campaigning.” After this, Blumberg talks to more students, including one who was taping the event, Randy White.

01:03:13Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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