[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Paul Tsongas at Harper High School, part 2]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. A continuation of Skip Blumberg's footage of Senator Paul Tsongas' visit to Harper High School on the South Side of Chicago. Tsongas signs autographs and talks to select students and teachers, and also answers a few questions from Skip Blumberg.

00:00Copy video clip URL A reporter from a news station tapes reactions of ROTC students, and then Blumberg tapes the interior of their library, where a paper sign on printer paper says, “Harper High School Welcomes Senator Tsongas.”

02:18Copy video clip URL Tsongas poses with students for a photo op. Blumberg approaches Tsongas: “Everybody says you’re a real guy, is it true?” Tsongas: “No, I’m just fake, all plastic… People said I’m not telegenic but it turned out to be an advantage.”

03:30Copy video clip URL Tsongas is then interviewed by Harper High School A/V Club President Randy White, but Tsongas can’t understand the way White speaks at all.

04:28Copy video clip URL Blumberg asks Tsongas: “Is there a part of the process that pushes you to be plastic and phony?” Tsongas: “People can do it that way. Certainly there’s a precedent for that, but for me I would lose my strength.” Tsongas signs his pamphlet “A Call for Economic Arms,” can’t find a taker, then gives it to Blumberg. Blumberg interviews the assistant principal of Harper High School.

13:32Copy video clip URL Blumberg also interviews Allen Smith, a Harper High School teacher and candidate for congressman from the 1st congressional district, who calls Tsongas a “laid back politician,” and is of yet undecided.

17:29Copy video clip URL Sit-down interview with the Harper High School A/V Club President Randy White in The 90’s office. While explains the equipment owned by the school and the types of events they tend to tape, as well as his impressions of Tsongas’ visit: “He’s trying to be a hot air candidate.” “Overall… I don’t believe it until I see it.” However, he dislikes Clinton.

25:25Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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