[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Paul Tsongas, Charles Woods, Bill Clinton in NH]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. This tape features footage of candidates Senator Paul Tsongas (1941-1997), Charles Woods (1921-2004), and Governor Bill Clinton (1946-).

00:00Copy video clip URL Tsongas is introduced by Joe Kennedy who emphasizes that Tsongas will challenge the country.

02:30Copy video clip URL Tsongas takes the podium. He says about the introducer, “If I knew you were going to be that good I wouldn’t have brought you. People say I don’t have any charisma, so I brought some.”

04:29Copy video clip URL Footage of Charles Woods’ closing address.

05:16Copy video clip URL Woods speaks on authentic reactions versus staged events and admonishes the media for separating the candidates into categories of “major” and “fringe.”

09:11Copy video clip URL Woods visits McKerley Medical Care Center and meets seniors.

14:55Copy video clip URL Woods addresses an audience. He speaks on taking money away from foreign military bases and foreign aid to put into domestic social support, especially for seniors.

17:55Copy video clip URL Woods leaves and speaks again on funding for home care for the elderly. He receives advice on engaging the youth and audience participation.

22:15Copy video clip URL Woods: “Word of mouth, as you know, is the best advertising in the world. So we feel real good about the present situation….”

23:17Copy video clip URL Woods arrives at Pembroke Academy high school and greets a handful of students.

24:15Copy video clip URL Woods is introduced and takes the podium. Woods speaks on the banking system and the federal reserve system. “They play our economy just like an accordion for their benefit. They have a license to steal.”

26:32Copy video clip URL Woods speaks on abortion, citing difficulties of legislating what people do with their own bodies. He speaks on the war on drugs and creating jobs. He says he would implement a graduated income tax and that AIDS needs research and funding. He says he would support the death penalty only for espionage and treason.

32:56Copy video clip URL Woods says his first priority after taking office would be to “put control of our government back in the hands of the people.” He speaks on banking reform and countering special interests.

37:55Copy video clip URL Woods concludes and exits.

39:00Copy video clip URL Woods’ assistant: “In the future, if any kid asks you what you feel about records and censorship, they don’t mean medical records. They mean rock and roll records.” Woods calls state laws that limit who can be president unconstitutional.

42:52Copy video clip URL Clinton and an AARP audience say the pledge of allegiance and the Clintons are introduced.

44:03Copy video clip URL Clinton takes the podium. He speaks on the demands made of states by the George H.W. Bush administration and a bill that makes Medicare money available for options other than nursing homes.

45:10Copy video clip URL Signs for Ralph Nader, Bosa, and “Dark Horse” candidates.

46:14Copy video clip URL Convoy of cars with large pencils on roofs saying “Write in Ralph Nader.”

49:06Copy video clip URL Supporters write-in Ralph Nader on a large ballot with a 10-foot pencil.

51:27Copy video clip URL Woman explains a sign reading “God is a Democrat.”

52:11Copy video clip URL Footage from Dartmouth before Clinton arrives.

56:32Copy video clip URL Promotional video for Clinton is screened.

60:18Copy video clip URL Clinton arrives and greets students.

60:52Copy video clip URL Clinton is introduced. He speaks on Bush’s policy of and dependence on “cheap oil.”

62:15Copy video clip URL “We’ve been told for too long ‘it’s always somebody else’s fault.’ It’s always them: them, the democrats; them, the government; them, the liberals; them, the minorities.” He mentions blue-collar job wages falling relatively and his support for increased funding for low-income students.

63:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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