[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Paul Tsongas victory party]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. Paul Tsongas victory party at Bedrock Billiards in Washington, D.C. Videomaker Eddie Becker interviews Tsongas supporters while they play pool.

00:00Copy video clip URL On the streets of Washington, D.C..

00:51Copy video clip URL Videomaker Eddie Becker heads into a basement, where Bedrock Billiards is located. The lighting is dim except over the pool tables, and the room is very crowded. Some people have posters for Tsongas (“The Song for the Next Generation”), and they chant his name.

05:47Copy video clip URL There is a reporter from NBC, who does a live report from the party.

08:30Copy video clip URL Becker interviews supporters, who cite his integrity and his stance on economics, health care, and lesbian and gay rights.

11:23Copy video clip URL Lou Stovall, who was Tsongas’ neighbor, designed the poster and works on the campaign. He is wearing a cowboy hat, and his poster is displayed behind him. It also says, “The Song for the Next Generation.” Stovall speaks about Tsongas’ stance on employment, welfare, etc. A college student from the Catholic University of America wants to raise awareness about Tsongas and cares about health care. One woman likes that he has a strong position on AIDS.

26:05Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to a TV monitor showing the news, and then to general shots of people playing pool.

32:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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