[The 90s Election Specials raw: Primary Election Day on the South Side]

Footage for The 90's Election Specials. On primary election night, videomaker Andrew Jones visits a polling place, and a few election headquarters and celebrations for the South Side politicians he's been covering.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape opens in a Chicago train station, in the middle of a campaign worker talking to videomaker Andrew Jones about civil rights and making a difference. Loud music plays in the background. The tape cuts and Jones records people coming out of a turnstile at the train station. He turns around with them, walks up the stairs, and runs into the campaign worker handing out flyers for a candidate. He passes them out and encourages people to vote. He believes he’s making a difference. The camera records trains passing from the platform or the cards being handed out for some time.

07:44Copy video clip URL The camera tapes the exterior of the train station from across the street before cutting to a crowded polling place on the night of the Illinois primary.  Volunteers assist people in voting. They are frustrated because they don’t have enough Democrat units, and therefore there are many spoiled ballots and a huge line. The room is crowded with people waiting to vote.

19:05Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to the Gus Savage campaign headquarters, and a reverend points us to where the election party will be held (8959 S. Ashland).

19:48Copy video clip URL Back at the polling place, the man running the polling place explains his official duties to Jones as people are still waiting to vote.

25:35Copy video clip URL Audio of the radio reporting election results, and people talking in a car, but there is no visual for this portion.

26:30Copy video clip URL The Gus Savage election party briefly, where there are many Gus Savage signs, and then back to the no visual, radio reporting on the Senate race.

27:41Copy video clip URL Jones arrives at the Mel Reynolds campaign headquarters, where a press conference is about to be held. Jones is put in a room with other press, waiting for the conference to begin. They report good results so far, though the polls have only just closed.

29:59Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to Congressman Charles Hayes’ (running for reelection) headquarters, where a man sets up a podium with posters for Hayes, and Jones takes general shots of the campaign workers.

31:11Copy video clip URL In the car, listening to the radio, reporting Carol Moseley Braun’s imminent win. Wind noise is very loud.

32:50Copy video clip URL Bobby Rush for Congress celebration being set up. In a back room, a frustrated woman (Leah Bloomenthal) takes down numbers while music blasts in the background. Off the record, she believes that Bobby Rush is way ahead. The poll results gradually filter in. A woman from the press asks her questions about the few precincts that have reported so far.

57:28Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to the Carol Moseley Braun victory party, where Jones stands in a hallway adjoining the crowded main room, waiting for Braun to arrive.

01:00:38Copy video clip URL Braun arrives, walks by, and into the crowded room to give her victory speech. Jones follows her inside, and she takes the stage. The enthusiastic crowd cheers and sings. The tape cuts.

01:02:22Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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