[The 90’s Election Specials raw: primary election night in Illinois news, 9-10pm]

Footage for The 90's election specials. Channel 7 WLS-TV Chicago news on primary election night 9-10pm 03/17/1992.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black screen.

00:18Copy video clip URL Television footage begins with commercials.

01:44Copy video clip URL Election coverage begins. They cover the Senator Alan Dixon / Carol Moseley Braun / Al Hofeld Senate race. Reporters say that Braun is a natural and is a part of the “year of the woman.”

06:16Copy video clip URL Report from Dixon’s headquarters. His press secretary says that the numbers are “too fluid to call” and that they still hope to win. She reports that Dixon is in a good mood.

08:41Copy video clip URL Reporter draws a parallel to Chicago Mayor Harold Washington’s election in 1983, with two white candidates splitting the white vote. He reports that Hofeld is in good spirits, but that his people are not brimming with optimism.

10:09Copy video clip URL In the studio they report on Braun’s statewide demographics and her overcoming her opponents’ television exposure. They show that Governor Bill Clinton is well ahead in the presidential race.

14:04Copy video clip URL Report from Connecticut where Senator Paul Tsongas addresses his supporters, acknowledging that Clinton has performed well. He points to the frequent losses of Democratic candidates for president. Reporter says that Tsongas has focused on student rather than blue collar and ethnic audiences and that while the audiences like him they have not been coming out to vote.

17:42Copy video clip URL Numbers from the Republican presidential primary in Illinois. President George H.W. Bush calls into his Illinois headquarters. Reporter says there is more excitement over the election of Braun and the potential of Republican Richard Williamson, who himself reports that he will win the election.

23:46Copy video clip URL Coverage of problems and complaints with ballots. Many of the problems are caused by redistricting and fractured precincts. He says electronic voting is years and years off.

29:12Copy video clip URL Numbers from Congressman Dan Rostenkowski / Dick Simpson and William Lipinksi / Martin Russo races for U.S. House.

30:14Copy video clip URL Coverage from Clinton’s headquarters, where reporter calls it the biggest night of his campaign. Clinton says that it is a victory not for him but for the forces of change. Exit polls do show discontent with Clinton but his campaign manager says that people are smart and discount the controversial claims about Clinton.

33:09Copy video clip URL Dixon thanks his supporters and tells them that the race is too close to call.

36:49Copy video clip URL Coverage from Lipinski’s headquarters. Michael Madigan, Speaker of the House of Illinois Representatives, is introduced and takes the podium. He says they are both regular guys from the southwest side of Chicago and says how his ward, the 13th, voted 72% for Lipinski. Bill Lipinksi also speaks, giving his thanks for his support from all over. Back in the studio they discuss the bitterness of the race. They discuss intra-party politics and the loses of long-standing politicians.

48:20Copy video clip URL Alderman Patrick O’Connor delivers a victory speech to his supporters.

49:00Copy video clip URL Graphic of the Dixon-Braun-Hofeld race. The numbers change and the reporter explains that the numbers are updated immediately by computers.

52:25Copy video clip URL Coverage of race between Luis Gutierrez and Juan Soliz for U.S. House. Gutierrez thanks is supporters saying he knows how important the issues are to them. The reporters comment that he seems somber despite hold a solid lead.

55:26Copy video clip URL Reporters talk about the effect of redistricting and suburban voters in the race where Mel Reynolds is beating Gus Savage for U.S. House.

1:02:36Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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