[The 90’s Election Specials raw: primary poll questions #2]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. This tape features interviews with voters about whom they plan to vote for in the primary election.

00:00Copy video clip URL Dana Peregrine supports President George H.W. Bush, saying she doesn’t know much about the other candidates. She prefers making America more competitive over protectionism.

02:38Copy video clip URL Earnest Vasseur, an undecided voter, speaks. He says he would like to see more compassion about AIDS. He says he loves his Japanese-made car and fears backlash. He says he’s not too very fond of Bush, citing silence on AIDS.

05:27Copy video clip URL Elderly voter calls Governor Bill Clinton evasive, says she liked the gentleman from Iowa [Senator Tom Harkin], and calls Senator Paul Tsongas a dreamer. She says that while she was impressed with Tsongas and Jerry Brown, she most emphatically wants to get rid of Bush.

07:03Copy video clip URL Jan Kapustin says she voted for Bush in the last election. The most important issues are the economy and taxes and Bush has to create jobs to get reelected.

08:45Copy video clip URL Frank Koutnik: “George Bush is the only one who’s won an election so I’ll probably vote for him.” He says that abortion shouldn’t even be an issue and he hopes that the conservative Supreme Court will vote with their minds instead of their politics in favor of the right to choose. Regarding the trade deficit he says, “I just wouldn’t pay it back. I’d say, ‘I just cleared the books. We’re even.’ If they have a problem with that, we won’t trade with them, since we made their economies.” He thinks that Bush is ill and his staff is hiding it.

10:42Copy video clip URL Interview with Maxine and Gordy Stull. They say they don’t really know or prefer any candidates. They mention healthcare, homelessness, and the economy as major issues. Maxi mentions gun control and abortion as issues facing the Supreme Court. About the trade deficit, they say that they have recently begun to try to buy American.

13:29Copy video clip URL Lynn Hollins asks why Jesse Jackson isn’t running. He cites housing, homelessness, and transferring foreign aid home as the major issues, as opposed to who is sleeping with whom. He says that everyone sleeps with everyone in Washington. Asked about the Supreme Court, he expresses mixed feelings about Clarence Thomas.

16:19Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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