[The 90s Election Specials raw: Richmond debate]

Footage for The 90's Election Specials. Videomaker Andrew Jones takes the camera on a tour around his home town of Richmond, Virginia, and then covers the presidential debate between candidates Bill Clinton, Ross Perot and George H.W. Bush.

00:00Copy video clip URL The streets of Richmond, Virginia. A bus pulls up, and Jones comes on camera to analyze the advertisement on the side, which shows three black doctors.

01:16Copy video clip URL In Jones’ car, he drives around Richmond, narrating. He says they are cleaning up the city because the president is coming, points out his junior high school, and explains the economic problems of the community. “Existence is a day to day thing,” he says, describing a realization he had when the day after he quit a job driving an ice cream truck, his replacement was killed in a robbery.

06:07Copy video clip URL Jones stops the car at the Richmond City Jail. “For as long as I can remember this jail has been full of black men. … It used to be marijuana and now it’s cocaine, it seems to be always something.” He criticizes the limited perspective that Clinton, Bush and Perot will be getting in Richmond. “The easiest thing for a black man to do in Richmond is go to jail.”

07:48Copy video clip URL Jones tapes a group of young girls in the street performing a dance routine.

09:16Copy video clip URL Shots of gravestones in Woodlawn cemetery, a black cemetery, Jones narrates: “Even when people died, they were still unequal.” He concludes his tour of Richmond by talking about a his best friend, Marvin Short, buried there in an unmarked grave. To the presidential candidates: “Welcome to Richmond, let’s see what you have to say.” More shots of headstones.

12:56Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, Virginia Senator John Kerry stands outside the debate hall in the evening. He says that this debate is very important, and there are high expectations because of the first debate and the vice presidential debate.

14:09Copy video clip URL Jones then talks to a woman inside who predicts a lot of “muscling,” and then outside again, a campaign worker for Clinton / Gore is greeting dignitaries. News reports are also filmed outside, analyzing Bush’s current position. “The challenge for Mr. Bush tonight is to skewer Governor Clinton without coming off as a street brawler himself.”

22:25Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to reveal police pushing Jones to one side of the road, and people line the streets waiting for the arrival of the candidates by motorcade. Lots of police pull up. Jones then goes through security in order to enter the debate hall.

26:23Copy video clip URL Inside the hall, Jones watches pre-debate news reports being filmed.

28:20Copy video clip URL The official proceedings begin (though not the broadcast), but Jones cannot see anything, he can only hear it. The University of Richmond’s president introduces the event, and some students thank the audience.

31:54Copy video clip URL Inside the press room, loud and chaotic.

34:17Copy video clip URL The debate has begun and the press becomes quiet and concentrated. The camera records parts of it on TVs in the press room, and the press reacting to the debate, for the remainder of the tape.

01:02:36Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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