[The 90s Election Specials raw: RNC #1 pre-convention]

Raw footage for The 90's Election Specials. Videomaker Joel Cohen tapes pre-convention footage in the Astrodome before the 1992 Republican National Convention, as well as a College Republicans event that evening, and some related events the next day.

00:00Copy video clip URL Test shots.

00:34Copy video clip URL Cohen and crew enter the Astrodome in Houston, which is basically empty and decorated for the Republican National Convention. General shots of the stadium structure, and people preparing. Cohen focuses on a giant podium with an elephant emblazoned on the front.

15:24Copy video clip URL Outside, a man tests the microphone for a makeshift stage (the Astrodome demonstration site) in a large field. Cohen borrows and tapes the RNC schedule.

22:00Copy video clip URL Signs that say, “College Republicans Love Bush” and “Peace through Strength” and shots of College Republicans without sound. When sound returns (though still low), they are chanting, “Four More Years!”

25:11Copy video clip URL Now evening, a College Republicans event. It appears as though someone is speaking but they are inaudible on the tape. Periodically the crowd of college students boos or shouts.

28:20Copy video clip URL Cohen zooms in on the speaker in a red glittery cowboy hat. A woman is saying that liberalism is “worse than McCarthyism ever was… it’s more vindictive…” Their event is interrupted by a table falling over near Cohen.

30:23Copy video clip URL The next day (?), Cohen in a parking lot, and someone tells us it is “delegate day.” Cohen enters a tent to go through security, records people standing in line, and eventually makes his way through security himself.

38:22Copy video clip URL Now inside, Cohen gets checked in as press.

39:13Copy video clip URL We enter the now-crowded Astrodome. Announcements are made over a loudspeaker as Cohen wanders along the front. A temporary chairman of the convention is elected by people shouting agreement or disagreement.

46:05Copy video clip URL A man with a lot of buttons talks about being a delegate.

50:25Copy video clip URL Outside in the parking lot, Cohen exits the convention and walks onto the streets of Houston.

53:06Copy video clip URL A large billboard for the National Rifle Association: “3,000,000 Strong. We’re the NRA and We Vote.”

53:40Copy video clip URL A pro-life rally at the Sam Houston Ballroom. There is a poster for “Slick Willie” with a caricature of Bill Clinton. Inside the ballroom, there is a large crowd, a stage with the American flag, and a banner that says, “One Nation Under God.” Cohen tapes a baby kicking a sign that says “Pro Family Pro Life.” The crowd holds up these signs and shouts the slogan.

58:22Copy video clip URL At another event (for the NRA?), a group of young men attempts to get into the open event, but are told that they aren’t dressed well enough.  The leader, Matt Dentino, identifies himself as the founder of the band Soundgarden (though he actually started a cover band, Shemps, that featured many of the eventual members of Soundgarden). Cohen signs in, the tape cuts.

01:00:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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