[The 90s Election Specials raw: RNC #2 Religious rally ]

Raw footage for The 90's Election Specials. Videomaker Joel Cohen attends a religious, pro-life, pro-family convention near the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston.

00:05Copy video clip URL At a pro-family, pro-life rally in a building near the Republican National Convention in Houston. The ballroom has a large American flag above the stage, and a banner that says “One Nation Under God.”

01:02Copy video clip URL Counter-protesters with stickers or t-shirts such as “Militant Homosexuals” or “FAGS” try to enter the event, but are forcibly removed.

01:42Copy video clip URL After this, people mingle and wait for the rally to begin.

20:36Copy video clip URL The National Anthem is sung onstage.

23:12Copy video clip URL A man onstage welcomes the crowd to the “God and Country rally.” Cheers drown out the man’s voice as he promotes the religious right. He introduces Pat Boone.

24:58Copy video clip URL Pat Boone appears onstage, and leads the group in prayer. Televangelist Pat Robertson and Vice President Dan Quayle also make appearances to show support for family values. However, Cohen’s camera cannot see or hear the events onstage very well.

41:20Copy video clip URL Cohen slowly makes his way out of the ballroom and lingers in the hallway, talking to someone dressed as Abraham Lincoln who endorses George Bush. The impersonator poses in front of a painting of Abraham Lincoln and reads the Gettysburg Address.

49:50Copy video clip URL Phyllis Schlafly (an anti-feminist, anti-Equal Rights activist) is interviewed, about her support of the pro-life platform, which was adopted that day as part of the Republican platform.

53:45Copy video clip URL Political satirist Stoney Burke says, “I felt like Jesus was way far away from this gathering of people.” Then Cohen records a man working with film negatives by putting his hands into a bag that allows no light inside.

56:48Copy video clip URL Cohen leaves the event with Burke, who goes on about how he felt uncomfortable during the rally, and that he’s been arrested 20 times.

59:10Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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