[The 90s Election Specials raw: RNC #3]

Raw footage for The 90's Election Specials. Videomaker Joel Cohen goes to Day 3 of the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston, and covers some local demonstrations. Good footage of the interior of the Astrodome.

00:06Copy video clip URL Political satirist Stoney Burke jokes with videomaker Joel Cohen in an apartment.

00:37Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston, TX. Cohen waits outside the security checkpoint as people enter the Astrodome for Day 3 of the RNC. Eventually Cohen is told to put the camera on the ground, and the bomb dog sniffs each camera. The dog knocks the camera over.

05:30Copy video clip URL Cohen picks up the camera and enters the Astrodome. Chants of “Four More Years” fill the air as Cohen and other members of the press walk through the cement underbelly of the Astrodome.

08:03Copy video clip URL A chanting group of Bush / Quayle supports passes the group of press, cheering, ringing cowbells and carrying signs. After briefly taping them, Cohen continues on the trek through the underground maze, finally reaching the area for the press to check in.

12:28Copy video clip URL Cohen enters the crowded arena of the Astrodome. Announcements are made over a speaker, mostly endorsing George Bush, as the camera records attendees mingling. Anti-feminism activist Phyllis Schlafly sits in her front row seat, and Tom Brokaw also appears briefly around 17:00.

21:20Copy video clip URL Cohen has taken a place high in the stands, watching a man speak about pro-life values on a large screen. Just as we had to respect the humanity of slaves, he says, “we must respect the humanity of unborn children.” He also denounces racism and antisemitism. “You cannot have the right to do what is wrong.” The sound goes out briefly and Cohen wanders on the main floor.

26:15Copy video clip URL Condoleeza Rice appears on the big screen briefly. Then the sound goes out again and the camera records people going through security.

27:29Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to a press room, where the RNC is broadcast on a small screen. Ronald Reagan speaks in support of George Bush, and introduces Dan Quayle.

32:35Copy video clip URL Still in a press room, Stoney Burke provides commentary on the RNC’s treatment of The 90’s crews, after which a photographer tells Cohen about police throwing tear gas in reaction to ACT UP demonstrators burning things and letting off a smoke bomb. Cohen chats with other reporters for a while, and meets a reporter from Comedy Central.

41:11Copy video clip URL Stoney Burke puts on a suit in the parking lot, sings, and satirizes the pro-life rally he and Cohen attended earlier (on a previous tape). There is also a shot of a pro-Republican billboard that says, “71% Can’t Be Wrong!”

43:36Copy video clip URL Shots of the Astrodome from far away. Various people are lined up on the street to pass things out. They are activists, protesters, or merely handing out souvenirs. One man, Bobby Paige, advocates against the use of crack, and carries a sign that says, “Mr Crack Broke America.”

51:28Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, Cohen holds the camera at his side so that the shot is sideways, and a police officer speaks to him about the ACT UP protesters the reporter described earlier, and the police forces needed for the RNC.

57:08Copy video clip URL Driving on a highway, a sign in support of “America’s Unborn Children.”

58:51Copy video clip URL A truck with “Don’t GAG the Arts” spray-painted on its side. Then Cohen arrives at an “Empower the Arts” event, dealing with the National Endowment for the Arts. A field is filled with people sitting and fanning themselves. There is a Clinton-Gore table at the event.

01:02:12Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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