[The 90s Election Specials raw: RNC #3]

Raw footage for "The 90's." Stoney Burke speaks with numerous Republican delegates and supporters at the 1992 Republican National Convention, and attends a pro-family rally.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen.

00:05Copy video clip URL Stoney Burke greets a number of delegates arriving at the Republican National Convention. He speaks with Charles Prigmore and Kathleen Joy Chamus about the reasons for George H.W. Bush’s possible loss in the election. Prigmore cites the economy as a possible reason while Chamus jokes and states that it would be because of all the bad press. Burke then speaks with a woman by the name of Sue Derrickson about her involvement with the Republican Party. Burke asks her to define “strong family values.” “I just feel a strong family is a family that lives near each other, stays together, loves each other, frequently visits each other, supports each other in any and all ways that they can, and that includes the abortion issue.” Burke then asks, “If Bush were to lose this election, what would be the cause of that loss?” Derrickson states that it would be due to the economy and abortion issue. The sound cuts out shortly afterward as Burke interviews another delegate. This lasts for a about a minute.

05:13Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with delegate John Pittman about the Republican platform. Burke once again asks about family values and George Bush’s hypothetical loss. Pittman states that Bush would lose due to the short-sightedness of the American public. “In the long run, this will be the best choice for the growth of America.” Burke goes on to speak with Amber Crowl about her work at the RNC. Crowl is working as a page at the convention, running errands for delegates who have to remain out on the floor. She then talks about her shared political beliefs with George Bush. She also states that she disagrees with Bush about abortion. She goes on to talk about the future of the country and states that as the years progress, things will get better and better.

08:09Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with Larry Wilkenson about his work as an usher at the convention. When asked for his vision for the country, Wilkenson smiles and thanks Burke for his interest in his opinion. Wilkenson then responds, “I hope that we will continue to have an acceleration of our economic development, move back to more family values, kids staying at home, and proving our educational values.” He goes on to talk about family values. Wilkenson believes that parents need to take more responsibility for their children. “I feel I see in my everyday life that the parents sometimes have a tendency not to spend as much time with their kids–latchkey kids–and they’re putting more responsibility onto the schools and taking less of their own responsibility.” When given the same hypothetical about Bush losing the election, Wilkenson simply responds by saying he wouldn’t have enough votes.

10:04Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with Melanie House about her work as a page at the convention. House talks about family values and the Republican platform. She goes on to say that she’s completely against affirmative action. “What it’s really saying is ‘I don’t believe in you and I don’t believe that you can do this so I’m just going to send you in here rather than getting in a job or a school on your own merit.'” Hercules then gathers more footage from around the convention entryway.

12:38Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with a representative from the Khalistan (Sikh separatist) movement of India and Pakistan. He supports George Bush because of the Indian government’s oppressive practices. He then calls for a peaceful means to achieving freedom. “[George Bush] is a man who is fighting for freedom of people and George Bush made a statement last month that he would be very tough on India on human rights and nuclear non-proliferation.”

15:12Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with an ambassador who is present at the RNC as a member of the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle. The man talks about the difficulty in working with Czech Communist Party as an ambassador.

16:23Copy video clip URL Cut to Burke on the floor of the RNC, where he makes a number of snide remarks about the Republican Party. Burke goes on to interview a page named Nate Bailey. Burke asks Bailey questions about his views on the Republican Party.

20:47Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with a delegate about the Republican platform. Burke then interviews a young man about his views on the Republican Party. Burke again asks for a definition of family values. The young man criticizes Clinton for raising taxes 128 times. He also defends George Bush for having to raise taxes.

26:41Copy video clip URL Burke tries to speak with Tabitha Soren of MTV but she walks away and suggests he make an appointment.

27:15Copy video clip URL Cut to Burke outside of the convention. There is no audio during this portion of the tape. Burke then speaks with a few protesters.

28:45Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with a man dressed in drag about Bush’s presidency. Burke then speaks with a man dressed in a Pope costume, satirizing the church’s views on sex and politics by promoting suffering among the American people.

31:07Copy video clip URL Within a throng of Bush supporters, Burke describes the scene at hand: a religious rally near the RNC. He interviews a number of people about their pro-life and pro-family views.

41:44Copy video clip URL A speaker addresses the crowd. Singer Pat Boone makes his way on stage to address the audience. Boone leads the audience in prayer. The audio is hard to make out for several minutes. Boone introduces Doug Stringer to the stage, who also addresses the crowd.

49:05Copy video clip URL Burke recites a fake Pledge of Allegiance as the audience recites the actual pledge.

50:40Copy video clip URL Vice President Dan Quayle is introduced and is given a warm round of applause. Televangelist Pat Robertson also makes his way out onto the stage to formally introduce Quayle. Once the Vice President is at the podium, he does his best to rally the crowd and talk about the campaign.

01:02:19Copy video clip URL Burke comments on Quayle’s speech and jokes about his getting into law school with a “C” average. The tape ends shortly afterward.

01:03:07Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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