[The 90s Election Specials raw: RNC #4 and Freedmen’s Town]

Raw footage for The 90's Election Specials. A continuation of footage from an arts empowerment rally, footage from the 1992 Republican National Convention at the Astrodome, and fascinating footage from the dilapidated Freedmen's Town in Houston.

00:00Copy video clip URL An event for empowerment of the arts in Houston. A woman’s shirt calls President George H.W. Bush a warmonger, racist, sexist and homophobe. A crowded field listens to speeches in support of the arts and against government censorship. People march with drums in protest of the National Endowment for the Art’s denial of funds based on content of the art. At the end videomaker Joel Cohen talks to poet Barbara Barg.

12:15Copy video clip URL The tape cuts and Cohen enters the Astrodome. A man leads him through the maze to where some camera crews are located. A TV broadcasts the speakers on the main floor of the RNC.

19:21Copy video clip URL Cohen speaks with a woman from Chicago about the new pro-life aspect of the Republican platform. She seems to be pro-choice but not have a problem supporting the Republican party.

21:03Copy video clip URL General shots of people walking around the Astrodome.

24:54Copy video clip URL Condoleeza Rice is interviewed about the political situation in Haiti: “I think the real solution is to try to deal with the Haitian problem in Haiti.”

26:26Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, people are holding Jack Kemp signs as he speaks in the background. The tape cuts several times as Cohen wanders through the crowd.

28:30Copy video clip URL Barbara Bush watches the proceedings of the RNC from her front row seat.

29:28Copy video clip URL Backstage, Stoney Burke and some other press people chatting. Cohen tapes a TV displaying static.

31:08Copy video clip URL (The videomaker changes.) The tape cuts to Freedmen’s Town in Houston, where young girls on the street talk to the videomaker about drugs. The houses around them look very broken down. They say they would tell the president to “Stop the violence, stop the drugs.” One girl supports George Bush.

33:25Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, a group of adolescent boys are interviewed about Bush. They don’t like him, and don’t think he has done anything for education, though he calls himself “the education President.” A woman and a man talk about gentrification.

37:23Copy video clip URL A man explains to us the history of Freedmen’s Town, which was originally built by freed slaves. He stands in front of a closed down Mini Mart. Cohen asks about the Republican idea of “family values,” but the man has no concept of what that means.

40:42Copy video clip URL Shot of a dilapidated house in Freedmen’s Town, the camera pans to the street and nearby houses, also in bad condition. A man is working on fixing a bike.

43:21Copy video clip URL Two young people on a bike ride up, and they want Bush to be president but don’t know why: “I really don’t know much about presidents.” Though the girl is only 16, she already has a baby girl. She said she didn’t take her birth control for 2 days and got pregnant, and abortion wasn’t an option.

47:29Copy video clip URL The videomaker tapes Joel Cohen and Stoney Burke taping four very young children in the street, asking them about school.

48:49Copy video clip URL Driving through Freedman’s Town, lots of boarded up houses.

51:23Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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