[The 90’s Election Specials raw: RNC #6]

Raw footage for The 90's Election Specials. The 90's Correspondent Stoney Burke does interviews and commentary at the 1992 Republican National Convention. Bob Dole, Allan Simpson, Ed Rollins, and Sonny Bono appear on the tape.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with footage from a protest rally called “Don’t Gag the Arts.” Hundreds of Houston artists and supporters gather together to protest President Bush’s lack of support for the National Endowment for the Arts. A large group of people participate in a drum circle. There is very poor audio throughout this portion of the tape.

01:10Copy video clip URL Back to the Republican National Convention. Comedian Stoney Burke asks a liberal reporter what it’s like being at the RNC. “I actually have met some other liberals here but they want to stay incognito. I’ve never seen so many Republicans in my life.” Burke then makes his way onto the convention floor, making humorous comments about the Republican party along the way.

03:15Copy video clip URL Burke gets the attention of actor Bruce Willis and asks him if he is a member of the “cultural elite.” Willis laughs and responds, “Absolutely not.” Burke goes on to speak with singer/politician Sonny Bono about his views on the Republican Party. Bono comments on current attacks on the “cultural elite” led by Vice President Dan Quayle. “I think it’s the interpretation of what he’s trying to say. You know, sometimes, people say something and the way they structure how they say, it comes out as something else. If he’s talking about family values, I’m all for that. If he’s targeting the industry, I think that’s a mistake.” Burke then asks Bono about Charleston Heston reciting the lyrics to Body Count’s “Cop Killer ” and whether or not it was an attack on Ice T’s (lead singer) freedom of expression. Bono responds very thoughtfully and states that it is a lash back of people that feel suppressed the other way. “I think when you say we have rights, and you push something one direction, there are other people that get suppressed in another direction.” He then states that Heston handled it differently than he would have.

07:37Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of the big screen at the convention. Burke then speaks with an Uncle Sam impersonator about his belief in the First Amendment and President Bush’s attempt to gut the NEA. Burke then goes on to speak with Allan Simpson about his views on the Gulf War. He says that nothing will happen in Iraq without the full cooperation of the United Nations. He also comments on the media and “pack journalism.” Burke continues to make his way around the area.

11:23Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with a man about the RNC. When asked if the media is too liberal, the man responds, “I don’t think they’re liberal enough.” Burke then goes on to interview Bob Dole. However, the audio is completely cut out during this portion of the tape.

12:44Copy video clip URL Burke takes a seat and tries to interview Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas Brady, who reluctantly answers one question for Burke. The audio is a little rough throughout this portion of the tape.

15:11Copy video clip URL Burke tries to get an interview with Neil Bush, but ultimately fails and moves on.

17:14Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with journalist/political adviser Ed Rollins about Ross Perot’s concession from the presidential election. Burke then tries to interview a female conservative pundit, but gets sidetracked and interviews journalist/political pundit Bob Novak about the definition of “family values.” He states that people who don’t understand what family values are will not be able to relate to the issue.

22:41Copy video clip URL Burke asks the female conservative about her views on homosexuals. The woman states that she has no opinion on the matter. Hercules then gathers footage from around the convention, including a shot of a speaker behind the podium addressing a massive crowd of excited supporters.

24:58Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with Alternate Delegate Dick Bigelow about his clever hat, a straw hat with a sign on top that reads “Victory Bush.” Next to the sign lies a stuffed quail (Quayle) surrounded by plastic shrubbery. Bigelow states that he came up with the idea in 1988 when Bush first ran for president. Bigelow then talks about his views of the ideal America, the resurgence of youth in the Republican Party, and the possible outcome of the election.

29:08Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Sikh men who are part of the Khalistani separatist movement of India showing their support for President Bush. Shortly afterward, Burke tries to get an interview with CBS broadcaster Dan Rather, but ultimately fails at doing so. Hercules continues to gather footage of Rather at work.

33:35Copy video clip URL A shot of political commentator Rush Limbaugh sitting next to Marilyn Quayle and Pat Robertson, whom Burke labels the “Three Stooges of the Religious Right.” Jerry Falwell can also be seen in the shot sitting directly behind Robertson.

35:23Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with a man about his thoughts on the presidential campaign. The man states that if Bush were to lose the election, it would be because of the abortion issue. He also reveals that he is a pro-choice Republican. Burke then moves on to get Marilyn Quayle’s attention and asks her if Bush will win the election. Burke comments on his fear of a second Bush term.

38:08Copy video clip URL An interview with Georgie McErvin, at The Highlander in Houston. The audio is very hard to make out as Burke asks McErvin about her experience growing up and living in Houston, her thoughts on politics in her city, her thoughts on the Republican National Convention, and her views on the presidential election. McErvin has been a Republican since the first time she’s ever voted. She goes on to talk about the differences between Democrats and Republicans, and she and Burke debate some of the central issues dividing the two parties. She also assesses the moral character of George Bush and Bill Clinton.

54:47Copy video clip URL While in Freedman’s Town in Houston, Burke speaks with a man named Oscar about the RNC and its effect on the area. Oscar doesn’t say much, but he does state that he plans on voting for Bush in the election and emphasizes the need for job creation. The audio is still very poor during this portion of the tape. Burke also speaks with a group of men about their views on the convention and Bush and his economic policies. He also gives his views on the Gulf War. The 90’s producer Joel Cohen also appears briefly on the tape asking the group whether their community is worth fighting for.

01:03:22Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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