[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Ross Perot press conference]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. This tape features a press conference on October 1, 1992, where Ross Perot, joined by Vice Admiral James Stockdale, announces his intention to re-enter the presidential race.

00:00Copy video clip URL Brief segment of home video.

00:17Copy video clip URL Footage before Perot announcement.

00:25Copy video clip URL Perot opens with a story about personal sacrifice and strife coming before success. He makes reference to World War II and says that the largest group urging him to run is from the armed forces. He tells a story about receiving a Purple Heart medal to keep during the campaign. He says that one person is nothing but that there’s nothing they can’t do together.

03:48Copy video clip URL Perot introduces Vice Admiral Jim Stockdale and his wife, explaining that Jim was a prisoner of war. He introduces his wife, Sybil Stockdale, who worked for families of prisoners of war and fought the government for recognition of suffering.

05:36Copy video clip URL Jim opens with a description of his family. He calls Perot an extraordinary man, the toast of American technology and entrepreneurship, and an authority on education. He relates a story that called Perot the only person who would or could “call up the Salvation Army… and ask ‘How short are you this year?'” Stockdale closes sharing a quote from Epictetus: “A life not put to the test is not worth living.”

08:55Copy video clip URL Perot and Stockdale leave the conference as reporters try to ask questions. Perot’s spokesman Orson Swindle answers questions, saying that Perot will be widely available to the press and will feature in the debates.

10:14Copy video clip URL “Can you explain to us and the American people why Ross Perot had a national television audience waiting to see him but did not speak on one issue?” Swindle replies that the purpose was to announce Perot’s candidacy and that there will be much discussion of the issues.

12:17Copy video clip URL Reporter asks Swindle what the numbers are of those asking Perot to run. Swindle answers that of the 150,000 volunteers that they polled, 141,000 asked him to run.

13:02Copy video clip URL Reporter asks why Americans would believe that Perot’s campaign is going to be substantive given his poor interactions with the press.

15:32Copy video clip URL A reporter asks about unemployment. Swindle answers that their approach will be focused on keeping jobs in America and re-industrialization.

17:05Copy video clip URL Perot comes back to the podium. He uses basketball as an analogy to explain that he will not disclose the strategy of his campaign.

19:06Copy video clip URL A reporter asks why America should put its trust in an economic policy crafted largely by a Carter administration official. Perot responds saying that “that person” was involved but he retained full control.

20:05Copy video clip URL Perot responds to a charge that his plan would place more burden on the middle class than the rich: “I’m not going to dignify that answer with a comment. I know exactly who that comes from…”

20:35Copy video clip URL Perot answers a question about implementing a gasoline tax to put money into infrastructure.

21:58Copy video clip URL Perot: “I’m here today to have a positive, good time. Everything here is hostile yelling, screaming. I’ll take two more.”

22:26Copy video clip URL Perot answers a question about youth involvement, speaking optimistically about their interest in his campaign sparked by economic disillusionment.

24:35Copy video clip URL Perot addresses his supposed bad blood with Bush and denies that he means to disrupt Bush’s campaign.

26:15Copy video clip URL Perot says he plans to keep government initiatives flexible, allowing for optimization and fine-tuning.

27:52Copy video clip URL Perot speaks on the investigation of volunteers by his campaign.

31:57Copy video clip URL Perot leaves the podium. Questions continue with other members of Perot’s campaign. The press report on Perot’s conduct.

33:00Copy video clip URL Campaign assistant speaks again on the investigations.

37:52Copy video clip URL Perot supporter says that there has been no reason to switch from Perot to one of the other candidates, citing as unique Perot’s views on the deficit.

40:02Copy video clip URL Jim O’Neal speaks from People for America about re-iundustrialization, creating new jobs, bringing jobs back to America.

41:37Copy video clip URL Press speaks on Perot’s conference. He says his favorite moment was when the press laughed at a comment about money-hungry and ego-driven politicians “as if this weren’t more of the same.”

42:29Copy video clip URL Reporter calls the conference a circus and “typically Perot.” He feels Perot does not care about the print press because he feels he can just use manufactured media.

46:40Copy video clip URL Assistant to Perot speaks on Perot’s staff and wanting to shake things up in Washington, specifically with lobbyists.

48:30Copy video clip URL Reporter says that the press were not angry with Perot but that the press wanted to ask questions and Perot didn’t want to answer them.

50:00Copy video clip URL Footage from headquarters.

51:50Copy video clip URL Andrew Wilson speaks on his experience of coming down to Perot’s campaign to work on a biographical spot. He explains that Perot’s campaigners, not Perot, asked him to make the 5-minute spot in a couple of days. He says Perot hated the piece. Wilson feels that Perot may have rejected the piece because he knew he was going to drop out. Wilson thinks that Perot was quite savvy to use exposure from talk shows.

1:02:35Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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