[The 90’s Election Specials raw: South Side Irish Parade #2]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. South Side Irish Parade in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood. Various political candidates and their supporters march in the parade.

0:00Copy video clip URL Jerry Brown and a huge crowd of supporters march in the parade. They chant, “Here we are. Where are you? Vote for Jerry in ’92!”

4:09Copy video clip URL Marching with the much more sedate Buchanan campaign, who have trouble sustaining a high enthusiasm level since their candidate is not present.

5:09Copy video clip URL Sound drops out. Footage of parade goers standing along the sides of the street.

7:45Copy video clip URL Sound returns. Videomaker Pat Creadon shoots a sign taped to the street that announces the start of TV coverage. He and an interviewer spend the next several minutes speaking with parade goers about whether they like Pat Buchanan, but the interviewer seems nervous and always walks away before people can say anything interesting.

13:06Copy video clip URL Buchanan Illinois campaign representative George Grey expresses more remorse about the fact that Buchanan was not at the parade. He describes the public’s disappointment saying, “He’s their hero.”

15:10Copy video clip URL Back with the raucous Jerry Brown campaign, supporters are now shouting “Take back America!” Brown walks the line of parade goers shaking hands. He is greeted with a high level of enthusiasm.

22:33Copy video clip URL The Jesse White tumblers perform on McDonald’s and Coca-Cola mats. Creadon interviews White as he struggles to run with a trampoline to the next performance spot. Creadon also speaks briefly with some exhausted tumblers.

24:33Copy video clip URL Marching bands and typical parade footage.

25:51Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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