[The 90’s Election Specials raw: South Side Irish parade, post-debate gathering]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. At Chicago's South Side Irish (St. Patrick's Day) Parade, followed by footage taken at a Democratic Party gathering.

00:00Copy video clip URL Videomaker Eddie Becker tapes the South Side Irish Parade, and attempts to interview people watching the parade about politics. Most of them are just excited to have shaken hands with Bill Clinton, and they end up singing a song about the South Side parade.

06:52Copy video clip URL One of Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan’s campaign workers explains to the crowd why Buchanan is not present at the parade. The crowd expresses discontent with Buchanan with boos and heckling. Then, there is footage of Democratic presidential candidate Jerry Brown walking in the parade, to shouts of “Take back America!”

14:20Copy video clip URL The tape switches to watching three TV monitors displaying news shows in a hotel room, followed by a brief interview with Clinton campaign manager David Wilhelm. Tom Weinberg and Eddie Becker accompany him down the hotel hallway and in the elevator. Wilhelm talks about the debates Clinton is involved in, while running from Chicago’s Palmer House hotel to a waiting car. After his car speeds off, it is followed by a fleet of vans, presumably full of Clinton handlers.

18:12Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to a gathering of Democrats formally assembled to watch the presidential debates. A man sells anti-Bush t-shirts, and people stand in a dimly lit room watching the debate, frequently clapping. The screen is visible in the distance.

26:16Copy video clip URL After the debate, a man is asked about candidates Clinton, Brown, and Tsongas. He calls them “Slick Willy, Nature Boy, and Elmer Fudd.” Interviews with various attendees.

37:16Copy video clip URL Nick Melas, Chicago Water Reclamation District President, is interviewed at the event. He discusses Chicago’s Deep Tunnel Project, and the Senate campaign of Carol Moseley Braun.

41:48Copy video clip URL Henry Woods, a Clinton supporter from Hot Springs, Arkansas is interviewed. He talks about Clinton’s mother, brother, and stepfather.

44:56Copy video clip URL Sheila Brothman, another Clinton supporter from Little Rock, comments on the closeness of the Clinton family, tells us that Bill Clinton’s half-brother, Roger, works on the set of TV’s “Designing Women,” and makes a brief comment on Roger’s past drug use.

53:23Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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