[The 90’s Election Specials raw: South Side Irish parade]

Footage for The 90's Election Specials. South Side Irish Parade in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood, in which many political candidates, local and national, are marching. This tape features a lengthy interview with incumbent Congressman Charles Hayes.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape opens with a shot of the Bobby Rush (running for Congress) float at the South Side Irish parade. “An Effective Leader who Fights… For You.” Videomaker Andrew Jones talks to some police officers on duty near the staging area.

02:09Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to an older marcher, Jim McKenzie, who will play the bagpipe in the parade. He is in full Irish dress. Then, Jones speaks briefly with a group of young men, who are enthusiastic and plan on drinking beer.

03:55Copy video clip URL Jones approaches a group of police officers. Jones tries to point out similarities between the City of Chicago flag and the Iraqi flag.

04:49Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and Jones tapes Bobby Rush as he drives to his float.

05:40Copy video clip URL Jones runs into Congressman Charles Hayes, running for reelection against Bobby Rush (who ultimately wins). He answers allegations about supposed bounced checks. He supports Gus Savage, saying that the Chicago Tribune has been trying to get both of them out of office.

09:43Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, and the interview with Hayes continues. He talks about the need for representatives who support the people. “I have stood up for people who need… right now people are suffering.” He says political leadership has to become more directly related to the interests of the people.

15:55Copy video clip URL Jones asks Hayes campaign workers about Bobby Rush. They continue to talk about the issue of overdrafts. “The issue is jobs, health care, crimes…” not overdrafts.

19:27Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and candidate Bobby Rush marches in the parade, shaking hands.

22:00Copy video clip URL Jones speaks with Al Hofeld, running for senator, who is confident that Carol Moseley Braun is in third place, and he needs only to beat incumbent Alan Dixon. The Jesse White tumblers appear very briefly.

22:50Copy video clip URL Jones talks to presidential candidate Paul Tsongas and his wife, Nikki. Tsongas is confident about his chance to become president. Tsongas signs autographs before beginning to march.

24:43Copy video clip URL Members of the Clinton campaign rope off the crowd to prepare for the Governor’s arrival.

28:05Copy video clip URL Bill and Hillary Clinton arrive and shake hands. After getting brief footage of Clinton, Jones tapes police horses and press people before the tape ends.

31:59Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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