[The 90’s Election Specials raw: St. Louis airport, pre-debate]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. The first half of the tape is a continuation of footage at an airport in St. Louis awaiting President George H.W. Bush's arrival. Bush supporters from various groups wait to cheer him when he arrives. The second half of the tape takes place at Washington University where the presidential debate will be held.

0:00Copy video clip URL An aide informs the crowd of what to do when the President arrives. He is hard to hear due to airport noise. The crowd waits and cheers. Videomakers Eddie Becker and Tom Weinberg walk around interviewing.

12:47Copy video clip URL Air Force One arrives.

17:17Copy video clip URL George H.W. and Barbara Bush step off their airplane to a cheering crowd of supporters.

19:00Copy video clip URL Bush walks into the crowd to shake hands and gives a brief speech that is mostly inaudible over the cheering. “The only way they can win is if they try to convince the American people that we are on the decline… We are number one. We are going to make life better for everybody.” His cars drive away.

25:58Copy video clip URL The aide invites the crowd to the Drury Hotel that evening following the debate. The College Republicans vow to show Clinton supporters that Bush is the best candidate. One of these men insists that the re-election of George Bush is vital to the economic future of his peers and that people in Arkansas are in the worst economic situation in the country.

33:01Copy video clip URL Becker joins other The 90’s producers at the presidential debate set-up at Washington University in St. Louis. Becker walks around shooting journalists and guests talking and setting up. Good shots of the debate hall.

48:57Copy video clip URL Becker talks to a veteran, Blair Moran, who spoke at a press conference condemning Clinton’s draft dodging, at an earlier tape. The rest of the tape continues to eavesdrop on journalists and people milling around the debate hall.

01:02:59Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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