[The 90’s Election Specials raw: St. Louis airport]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. At an airport in St. Louis awaiting President George H.W. Bush's arrival. Bush supporters from various groups wait to cheer him when he arrives.

00:00Copy video clip URL Three men discuss their jobs selling campaign buttons, entirely Republican campaign pins at this event. They say that it is easier to sell buttons at the Clinton rallies because there is less security, and that Clinton’s campaign staff is much nicer than the Bush’s campaign staff. One says of Bush rallies: “…when I’ve gone to Bush rallies I’ve noticed that…they really don’t allow freedom of speech or political expression…”

12:25Copy video clip URL Footage of a police helicopter landing.

14:35Copy video clip URL Members of a pro-life group awaiting Bush at the airport are interviewed.

17:08Copy video clip URL Members of a College Republicans group wait for Bush’s arrival at the airport and are interviewed. They criticize Clinton, saying that he changes his opinions too often.

25:00Copy video clip URL A College Republican criticizes Clinton: “[Most economists] say it doesn’t matter who the president is, the economy is going to improve, but slowly…if you take that away from Bill Clinton, he’s nothing but an inhaling, draft dodging nobody… It’s amazing, he doesn’t stand for anything.”

27:42Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and the marching band gets off the bus. General shots of the crowd and more interviews.

37:58Copy video clip URL The marching band, assembling to greet Bush, practices.

43:20Copy video clip URL A woman, a member of the College Republicans, claims she and her boyfriend are moving to Mexico if Clinton wins the election.

46:45Copy video clip URL Kimberly Smith, an organizing member of the College Republicans, tells a story of how Clinton supporters “attacked” and “threatened” her and her group after they held up pro-Bush signs. The group chants “Four more years!”

54:54Copy video clip URL A shot of the large crowd with Bush signs, cheering.

01:01:03Copy video clip URL A brief shot of ninja-like secret service snipers climbing into position on the roof a building.

01:03:10Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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