[The 90’s Election Specials raw: St. Louis before debate]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. In St. Louis preparing for the presidential debate: veterans endorsing Bush and the site of an upcoming debate.

00:00Copy video clip URL Someone hangs up a large Bush / Quayle ’92 sign in a room with rows of chairs to prepare for a press conference for a Missouri veterans’ group.

07:00Copy video clip URL Blair Moran, the veterans’ group chairman, talks in low light to a woman from the press about why they are having a press conference to address Clinton’s alleged dodging of the draft. “We think it’s a character issue,” and that having Clinton as president risks a “severe morale problem.”

11:34Copy video clip URL A quote from Bill Clinton on the wall, about giving everything you have, apparently at the event to point out Clinton’s alleged hypocrisy.

12:30Copy video clip URL At a sparsely attended press conference, a Missouri veterans’ group announces its support for George Bush and Dan Quayle. A man introduces the veterans who will speak, identifying Colonel Bud Day was the most decorated officer in the nation. Blair Moran then speaks to the entire crowd about Col. Day, listing some of his accomplishments in World War II.

16:09Copy video clip URL Colonel Bud Day (Ret.) speaks, somewhat incoherently, about why Bill Clinton should not be elected. He refers to the Congress as “bedwetting.” They all advocate for Bush, and talk about Clinton dodging the Vietnam War: “The question for us is not what he did in 1969, the question is why he didn’t tell us the truth about it.”

25:11Copy video clip URL Videomaker Eddie Becker questions Day on his assertion that fighting in Vietnam helped stop the spread of Communism. Day says, “We brought Communism to a collapse” even though Communism did take over Vietnam. “It was that constant deliberate policy that brought Communism to its knees.” Becker tries to continue to question Day but is ignored.

26:35Copy video clip URL Frank Harlan, a member of the American Legion, challenges Day’s assertion that Clinton is a draft dodger, saying that Dan Quayle, Bush’s running mate, is also a draft dodger. Harlan also want to know why George Bush won’t address that one of his sons may be implicated in the Savings & Loan scandal.

30:41Copy video clip URL The conference ends, and Becker watches other people approach Harlan about his positions. Harlan does not commit to any candidate or party.

38:22Copy video clip URL At another press conference at Washington University in St. Louis, the site of the first presidential debate. Press gather around and take notes as a press conference ends, and are given information about the progress of the debate facilities.

40:14Copy video clip URL A tour of the debate hall, which has been constructed in a basketball gym in only a few days. Becker is led to Ross Perot’s holding room, and a man explains all the things they had to do to prepare, like put in some plumbing and have a generator on hand just in case.

57:21Copy video clip URL Becker goes into the still empty holding room for George H.W. Bush, a converted coach’s office. He flushes the toilet that will, presumably, be used by the president.

58:31Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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