[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Suzie & Tom Bushit]

Raw footage for the 90's Election Specials. Tom Weinberg attends a high-profile Bush fundraising dinner.

00:00Copy video clip URL In a car, briefly, but the tape quickly cuts to a Bush Quayle dinner / fundraiser. However, there is no sound. Videomaker Tom Weinberg walks around looking at empty tables with food already served. Weinberg talks to some of the servers and does a lengthy interview with a secret service agent, but there is still no sound.

21:43Copy video clip URL Tape cuts and the sound returns. Weinberg wanders around the hotel lobby.

23:03Copy video clip URL George H.W. Bush and his wife arrive, but the stage is not visible because the camera’s white balance appears to be off. Someone sings the national anthem to the crowd of Bush supporters.

25:54Copy video clip URL A man says grace on the stage, and everyone sits down to dinner. Weinberg zooms in on Bush and then scans the room. He then moves back out to the lobby, and talks to a man with a handlebar mustache, who gets a Polaroid with the president.

33:49Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, press are going through a metal detector. Then, Weinberg records dessert being served. A man (a chairman for the committee that organized the event) speaks at a podium, welcoming Bush and announcing that they’ve raised over one million dollars for the campaign from this event. He also lists famous guests of the dinner.

43:09Copy video clip URL Tape cuts and Governor Jim Edgar comes onstage and recites a vanilla speech about reelecting Bush.

47:14Copy video clip URL Bush comes onstage to a standing ovation, and thanks people in the crowd. Bush makes a joke about leaving Congress “home alone” because apparently Macaulay Culkin is at the event (though he does not appear on this tape). He goes on to promote the Republican ticket: “I’m asking you for four more years as your president to get this job done.” He then speaks about welfare in Illinois and education, and the importance of family values. “I will never hesitate to use the power of the pen when principle is at stake.” The tape ends as the President is still speaking.

58:08Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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