[The 90’s Election Specials raw: The Clintons at The Bagel]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. Bill and Hillary Clinton take a quick tour of The Bagel, a Jewish deli and restaurant on Devon Avenue in Chicago. They shake hands and pose for a photo-op with an oversized bagel. Patrons and workers at the restaurant are asked their thoughts of Bill Clinton and Paul Tsongas.

00:00Copy video clip URL Exterior of The Bagel, and a flyer that says “Tsongas vs. Clinton on Israel.” Inside, interviews with employees and patrons. Most patrons were unaware Clinton would be there when they decided to eat. Customer Bob Rosen eats herring and onions.

19:30Copy video clip URL Arlene Novak, a Clinton delegate, is interviewed. When asked about Clinton’s alleged draft dodging, she says that it doesn’t bother her, even though her husband is a disabled veteran.

22:30Copy video clip URL A child is interviewed. He says that his father will not vote for Clinton.

25:25Copy video clip URL A man is asked what he thinks about Clinton. He doesn’t like Clinton, saying, “[Clinton’s] tax policies stink…I don’t think it’s fair to soak the rich to help out the middle class…”

29:32Copy video clip URL A regular, Edward Friedman, says that “every major politician” makes an appearance at The Bagel in order to garner Jewish support.

36:56Copy video clip URL Bill and Hillary Clinton arrive at the restaurant. Clinton and his wife shake hands with patrons.

42:00Copy video clip URL Clinton comments on his love for bagels: “I’m a bagel freak.”

44:06Copy video clip URL Clinton poses with a giant bagel, presented by Marty Golenzer.

47:00Copy video clip URL A regular, Alfred Blumenthal, at The Bagel commenting on Hillary Clinton: “I think [Hillary Clinton] is something super special, and I think she’d be the best thing for the White House since Eleanor Roosevelt.”

50:37Copy video clip URL Two women later call Clinton “sinfully handsome.” An older woman compares his smile to JFK’s. Videomaker Eddie Becker goes behind the counter and records the kitchen and the waitresses.

01:03:12Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Kelly Smentek says:

    Arlene Novak is my grandmother, this was a great find! Thank you

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