[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Tom Harkin in New Hampshire]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Footage of Senator Tom Harkin campaigning in New Hampshire.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tom Harkin has coffee at Nick Detini’s Luncheonette in Nashua, NH.

04:15Copy video clip URL Harkin walks with staff and greets supporters.

07:00Copy video clip URL Harkin meets diners at Brothers Deli & Restaurant.

11:15Copy video clip URL Harkin in front of a sign that reads “Office Space Available”: “They oughtta put that on the White House.”

11:35Copy video clip URL Harkin does a brief interview with reporters. He denies that the primary is essentially between Kerrey and Clinton. Asked whether Clinton is the frontrunner, he says “Frontrunners come and go.”

12:35Copy video clip URL Harkin and staff meet supporters at their headquarters in Nashua.

14:25Copy video clip URL Harkin addresses the crowd. He speaks on the Americans with Disabilities Act, opportunity and preventing discrimination, the message of greed and self-interest from the government, Americans’ deserving decent jobs and standards of living.

20:20Copy video clip URL Harkin: “George Bush, by all accounts, is a decent man…. His dogs seem to be pretty nice too. But he has the same mentality as Herbert Hoover, and that mindset says that the President of the United States can do nothing to turn this country around….”

22:01Copy video clip URL Harkin recounts beating the odds to go to college, become a pilot, win a seat in the House, and win a seat in the Senate. He projects winning the Democratic nominee and the presidency in the same way.

27:10Copy video clip URL Harkin arrives at Winnacunnet High School.

28:05Copy video clip URL Harkin speaks on the trade deficit and job loss.

29:00Copy video clip URL Interview with teacher about having candidates come to the school.

32:10Copy video clip URL Harkin addresses the group. Speaking on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

34:35Copy video clip URL Harkin answers questions on creating jobs, investing in the infrastructure, making social spending a reality, defense, nuclear disarmament, the war on drugs, and renewable energy.

42:25Copy video clip URL Harkin speaks with a student one-on-one about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

43:00Copy video clip URL Interview with students about the visit.

45:00Copy video clip URL Teacher speaks on the difference between teachers and candidates.

47:30Copy video clip URL Interview with Alicia Preston, editor of the school newspaper.

48:55Copy video clip URL Felicia interviews Harkin about his approach to the youth, support for daycare, healthcare, and abortion.

57:38Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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