[The 90’s Election Specials rough: Debate Prep – My Home Town]

Rough cuts of segments for The 90's election specials. This tape features footage of Clinton strategist James Carville, Clinton advisers helping Governor Bill Clinton prepare for the presidential debate with H. Ross Perot and President George H.W. Bush, and then a rough cut of a segment called "My Home Town," where videomaker Andrew Jones visits his home town of Richmond, VA and focuses on how the new president will affect its citizens.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black screen.

00:02Copy video clip URL Sound test.

01:16Copy video clip URL Clinton campaign strategist James Carville likens the timing of election decision-making to the time differences of people getting up in the morning.

01:52Copy video clip URL Man shows the set-up and staging for the debate. He explains the rehearsal process and there is brief monitor footage of Clinton during rehearsals. Clinton adviser coaches him with the line “Ross, you just described the problem. Mr. Bush, you created the problem. Let me tell you how we’re going to solve it.”

03:45Copy video clip URL Advisers talk about advising the candidates, writing and preparing for the debate. One dictates possible introductory remarks. One of Clinton’s advisers speaks on how they make recommendations rather than corrections, saying that Clinton is where he is because of his own abilities.

05:32Copy video clip URL Two writers sit at a computer with mock debate questions. At one about the Gulf War they predict and imitate Perot’s response: “You’re worried about people over there. That’s the problem with you people in the press.”

06:00Copy video clip URL Press do a photo op with Clinton preparing for the debate. Afterwards a member of the press says, “He didn’t even look at us. He hated us. He does not like to be bothered in those kind of situations.”

09:00Copy video clip URL Videomaker Andrew Jones stands along the highway to watch the Bush motorcade come into Richmond, VA, saying the president has to give those who voted for him their just due. He wonders whom the president’s protection is protecting him against, saying that Richmond is comprised of decent, peaceful people.

10:50Copy video clip URL They visit Creighton Court, the projects where Jones grew up. Jones gives a message to Clinton that there is a kid in every project that has some hope and dream that must be preserved.

11:51Copy video clip URL Brief footage of young African-Americans in a percussion marching band.

12:11Copy video clip URL They drive around Richmond and the man discusses race and segregation in Richmond. He says that neighborhoods will change from black to white to black again, but that there is never true integration. They visit Windsor Farms, a wealthy neighborhood where it is “impossible for basically more than one or two black people to get homes.” Jones gives a message to the candidates that America is becoming an exclusive club. They drive through a black neighborhood and Jones asks, “What do you got to offer these people? Why should they vote for any of you?”

16:55Copy video clip URL They visit a black graveyard where Jones talks about his best friend, Marvin Short, dying young and being buried in an unmarked grave. He gives the spirit of his friend to the candidates and challenges whoever becomes president to bring peace and justice to the country.

18:39Copy video clip URL Footage ends.

20:41Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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