The 90’s, episode 102

Episode 102 of the award-winning series The 90's. This episode features the following segments:

00:00Copy video clip URL 90’s Opening.

01:25Copy video clip URL John Fleck, performance artist, speaks to a crowd.

02:32Copy video clip URL John Fleck rails against Senator Jesse Helms’ proposal for art funding cutbacks, sings “Amazing Grace,” and removes clothes.

04:19Copy video clip URL “Japanese at Woodstock” by Bart Friedman. A Japanese camera crew shoots hippies celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Woodstock festival, fully expressing their astonishment at this strange culture.

07:38Copy video clip URL “Advice Ladies” by Skip Blumberg. A short piece about three women who sit on the streets of New Yor k City offering free advice. One client asks: “Should I dye my hair?”

09:45Copy video clip URL “Yellow Creek, KY” by Appalshop. Townsfolk discuss the industrial pollution in the body of water that gives the town its name.

17:38Copy video clip URL Donald N. Frey commentary by Tom Weinberg. Frey, former board chair of Bell & Howell, gives tips on what it takes to succeed these days and defines some bad corporate management.

18:54Copy video clip URL “Advice Ladies” continued. One woman wants to know where to stay in Paris.

19:08Copy video clip URL “Quayle Watching.” Vice President Dan Quayle looks blankly into the camera.

19:24Copy video clip URL Music video for “Yuppie Rap” by Bill O’Neil, which pokes fun at the young urban professionals of the 1980’s.

23:08Copy video clip URL “Advice Ladies” continued. The ladies predict that sex crimes will increase in the ’90s.

24:04Copy video clip URL “Forbidden Channel ” by Ilene Segalove. A provocative fable about censorship and television.

26:43Copy video clip URL Erika Becker by Eddie Becker. Erika talks to her father about her “Several Policy” [Cerebral Palsy]. She explains what the disease does and how it made her feel. “What’s the worst part of having a handicap?” “I think being made fun of. That really hurts.” “Inside, even grownups treat me differently… but that’s because I’m different.”

33:25Copy video clip URL Excerpt from the documentary “Heavy Petting.”  A dated 1950’s educational film about venereal disease. (This is not original footage from the film, it is merely archival footage used in the documentary).

35:20Copy video clip URL “Advice Ladies” continued. The ladies advise a woman about whether or not she should move to England to be with a man she met on a vacation.

36:31Copy video clip URL “Los Angeles Abortion Rally” by Nancy Cain. A short segment about an anti-abortion group called “Los Angeles Operation Rescue.” This group demonstrates outside an abortion clinic while pro-choice activists protest the presence of the anti-abortionists. Cain mainly focuses on interviewing the Operation Rescue members.

42:15Copy video clip URL Paul Krassner commentary by Nancy Cain. Krassner discusses some tongue-in-cheek strategies for the Pro Choice movement.

43:24Copy video clip URL The “Advice Ladies” continue to talk to the woman about a possible move to England.

42:13Copy video clip URL “El Salvador Demonstration” by Eddie Becker. Footage of a demonstration in Washington D.C. over U.S. policies towards El Salvador.

49:04Copy video clip URL “Advice Ladies” continued. The ladies discuss “good” and “bad” drugs.

49:22Copy video clip URL An excerpt from “Viet Vet” by Ed Wierzbowski, Pam Roberts, and Tobe Carey. Subversive and strange personal recollections of the Vietnam War.

50:50Copy video clip URL “Pat Boone and Rev. Harold Bredeson” by Nancy Cain and Wendy Appel. The two men discuss Boone’s financial difficulties in relationship to his faith. Boone obviously sees himself as a deeply religious man, but sees nothing hypocritical about bringing God into his business dealings. Boone was millions of dollars in debt due to his ownership of the basketball team the Oakland Oaks, and claims God saved him in his time of need by bringing someone to him who wanted to buy the team. The segment ends with the two men praying in tongues.

57:12Copy video clip URL Sonny Simmons by Mike Waldman. The jazz saxophonist sings and plays his instrument in a tunnel.

57:28Copy video clip URL Credits.

01:00:25Copy video clip URL Promo for The 90’s episode #102.

01:00:57Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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