The 90’s, episode 106: All Sorts Of Clowns

Episode 106 of the award-winning TV series The 90's. This episode is called "ALL SORTS OF CLOWNS" and features the following segments:

01:18Copy video clip URL Ronald Reagan gives a speech: “There are those who question how we choose a president…that the process imposes difficult and exhausting burdens… I have not found it so…”

01:36Copy video clip URL The 90’s opening.

01:45Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Where Do The Clowns Go?” by Henriette Chardak. Color film. Clowns wander around the city. In French with no subtitles.

02:50Copy video clip URL “Rock  n Roll Dress Code.”  Black and white news report condemning the rock ‘n roll-influenced attire of students, such as blue jeans.

03:41Copy video clip URL “Chic-ago-go” by Henriette Chardak. Color film. An ode to Chicago that is centered around patrons of the Rock and Roll McDonalds. With French subtitles.

07:03Copy video clip URL Promotional compilation for the band Johnny Clegg and Savuka by Globalvision / South Africa Now, featuring news reports, music videos, and interviews.

12:04Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel Interviews critic Dave Marsh at WFMT. Marsh talks about the importance of Southern racial politics in the emergence of rock ‘n roll.

13:30Copy video clip URL Commercial for three new 1963 Ford cars.

14:04Copy video clip URL Don Frey, former Ford Motor Company executive. He says that Fords have gone downhill since he left and no longer represent the quality Ford once embodied.

15:08Copy video clip URL A second excerpt from “Where Did The Clowns Go?” by Henriette Chardak. Clowns in field of garbage.

16:20Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA about the garbage problem.

17:03Copy video clip URL “Counterterror” by Annie Goldson. Documentary about the conflict between Northern and Southern Ireland. The tape focuses on setting straight the misconceptions perpetuated by the world news media. The tape is to cover “the unheard politics of everyday life.”

22:39Copy video clip URL “Once A Pawn A Foggy Night.” Computer generated animation.

23:42Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “West Bank: Whose Promised Land?” by Esti Galli Marpet. Documentary about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

29:23Copy video clip URL “Free Society” by Paul Garrin. An art piece that criticizes state control and repression in “free” societies, contrasting images such as people at cocktail parties with police beatings. In the opening, Pat Robertson quotes Romans XIII, “The man who wields the sword wields it not in vain, because he is a minister of God,” and then concludes, “In a free society, the police and the military are God’s special envoys.”

31:56Copy video clip URL Albert Einstein cartoon comments on freedom.

31:52Copy video clip URL “The Real Realness of the Higher Highness” by Scott Jacobs and Valjean McLenighan. [Note: for the full director’s cut, visit] A hippy gathering in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco 1978.

37:22Copy video clip URL Another excerpt from “Where Did the Clowns Go?” by Henriette Chardak.

38:37Copy video clip URL “These Are the Rules” by Doug Hall. Social maxims are treated like iron law.

41:28Copy video clip URL “Popular Thought” by Teri Yarbrow. A powerful experimental short examining the danger of religious politics, over-zealous religiousness, and religious bigotry, finding a link between the tactics of Hitler’s Germany and Ronald Reagan’s America. Repeated quotes from Jerry Falwell refer to American Christians as an “army.” Footage of an Ohio parade featuring a “Let’s Bring America Back to God”  banner is shown under audio of a modified version of the American pledge of allegiance: “I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag and to the savior who saves all. One savior, crucified, risen, and coming again, with life and liberty for all who believe.”

44:37Copy video clip URL “Quayle Watching” segment. Dan Quayle speaks nonsensically on camera, then tastes a plantain.

45:02Copy video clip URL David Halberstam talks about the economic fears of Americans.

47:20Copy video clip URL “Memories From the Dept. of Amnesia” by Janice Tanaka. Experimental diary piece about the grandmother of the videomaker, Yuriko Yamate, a Japanese-American who was interned during World War II. Audio of family members warmly reminiscing about Yamate contrasts with a cool and factual timeline of important (mainly negative) moments in her life onscreen: “Born Dec. 15, 1919, Los Angeles, CA,” “Abandoned by mother, 1924,” “Govnt. freezes Bank Account, 1941,” etc.

51:58Copy video clip URL “Modern Marriage” by Max Almy. Video art piece about the modern husband.

53:39Copy video clip URL “Cascade” by MICA-TV. One long pan around different parts of the world.

54:47Copy video clip URL Final excerpt from “Where Did the Clowns Go?” by Henriette Chardak.

57:05Copy video clip URL Credits play over the end of the clown piece.

1:00:20Copy video clip URL The 90’s promo.

1:00:55Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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