The 90’s, episode 107: Sex In The 90’s

Episode 107 of the award-winning TV series The 90's. This episode is called "SEX IN THE 90'S" and features the following segments:

01:17Copy video clip URL Cold Open: Mr. Condom. Joe Cummings interviews Nolan Panisak from Tevor, Wisconsin about his condom vending machine business.

02:16Copy video clip URL Mr. Condom talks about the products he sells.

06:45Copy video clip URL “Medienpornesie” by Peter Vrana. In German with no subtitles. Music video with collage of images relating to sex.

10:54Copy video clip URL Truckers and Condoms. Joe Cummings interviews truckers about condom use. Most claim they don’t use the condoms at the truck stops because they are married or because they don’t sleep with strangers on the road. Mr. Condom agrees that truckers aren’t the ones buying the condoms.

12:36Copy video clip URL Paul Krassner on condoms by Nancy Cain. Krassner satirizes the Catholic church’s stance on condom use, claiming that they have authorized the use of a condom that doesn’t prevent pregnancy.

13:58Copy video clip URL Voices from the Sidewalk by Nancy Cain and Suzanne Knittel. Scott Kelman is the artistic director of Pipeline, Inc., an arts program for the homeless. He talks about politics and the future. Homeless people read poetry in Skid Row.

22:48Copy video clip URL Pat Boone and Rev. Harold Bredeson by Nancy Cain. In Beverly Hills, California, Boone and Bredeson share a chuckle about Shirley MacLaine’s new spiritualism.

23:55Copy video clip URL Two Nuns Painting by Skip Blumberg. Two nuns copy a painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

24:14Copy video clip URL “Leaving the Twentieth Century” by Max Almy. A man dreams of the future.

29:10Copy video clip URL “The Kissing Booth” by Merrill Aldighieri and Joe Tripician. Excerpt from a documentary about kissing, featuring interviews with poet Emily XYZ and South African musician Spider.

30:40Copy video clip URL “Kinema No Yoru” by Peter Callas. A Japanese computer-animated music video.

33:19Copy video clip URL Pro-Choice Rally in LA by Nancy Cain. Celebrities attending include Barbra Streisand, Goldie Hawn, Leonard Nimoy, Mariel Hemingway and her baby. The celebrities drive up in their limos, step out for a minute or two, then drive away.

40:05Copy video clip URL “Intimate Interviews – Sex in Less Than Two Minutes” by Maxi Cohen. One-on-one interviews about sex.

41:55Copy video clip URL Mr. Condom shows us his edible lubricants.

42:45Copy video clip URL “The Million Dollar Spot” by Maxi Cohen. Cohen shows us her study of what people use for birth control, then tells us about “the million dollar spot,” a spot on a man’s body that can be manipulated in order to prevent him from ejaculating during orgasm.

48:48Copy video clip URL “Cabbage Patch Baby Land” by Paper Tiger TV. Cabbage patch dolls give birth.

50:29Copy video clip URL Ben Lee: The Turkey Man by Jon Alpert. Lee, a turkey-calling enthusiast, tells us about his obsession.

55:40Copy video clip URL More “Voices from the Sidewalk” by Nancy Cain and Suzanne Knittel over credits.

59:50Copy video clip URL Promo for THE 90’s.



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