The 90’s, episode 108: The Environment

Episode 108 of the award-winning TV series The 90's. This episode is called "THE ENVIRONMENT" and features the following segments:

01:14Copy video clip URL Cold Opening: Everett Akers, former Kentucky State Representative. “They have taken our rights! They have taken our freedom! When you own land and control your land you are a free man! When you own land and can’t control it, you’re a slave!” From “On Our Own Land” by Appalshop.

02:10Copy video clip URL Ted Turner talks about environmental problems. From the National Association of College Broadcasters.

02:48Copy video clip URL “Kayapo Indians of the Amazon” by Realis Pictures. The Kayapo Indians of Brazil demonstrate against the building of a hydroelectric dam.

09:23Copy video clip URL “Poet-Laureate of the Blues” by Michael Prussian and Starr Sutherland. An intimate look at the musician Percy Mayfield. West L.A., 1982. Mayfield sings “Hit The Road, Jack” and dances his way into the kitchen to mix himself a Mudslide.

13:24Copy video clip URL “The Laughing Alligator” by Juan Downey. In this excerpt from Downey’s video art piece, the Yanomami Indians of the Amazon Rain Forest smoke hallucinogenic drugs prepared from three different trees.

15:45Copy video clip URL “Prison Public Service Announcement.” A female prisoner berates herself and urges others not to take the same path as her.

16:16Copy video clip URL “Crackfish” by Byte By Byte. Computer-generated fish are blown up. PSA warns: “Crack gets you out of school. Permanently.”

17:05Copy video clip URL “On Our Own Land” by Anne Lewis / Appalshop. Kentucky landowners express their bitterness and demonstrate their continuing confrontation with coal-mining companies who have claimed their land for strip-mining, based on a century-old transfer of mineral rights. Everett Akers: “They have taken our rights! They have taken our freedom! When you own and control land you are a free man! When you own land and can’t control it, you’re a slave!…Who gave you permission to steal our land, to kill our land? We can’t produce, we can’t make a living off of our land!…Shame on you! Shame on the courts of Kentucky!”

26:33Copy video clip URL Peter Thompkins, author, advocates organic farming.

28:00Copy video clip URL “Four on the Floor” by Sandy Smolen. A classical music quartet plays while cars are crushed at a junk yard.

30:32Copy video clip URL “One Man’s Trash” by Dee Dee Halleck. Two little girls sing “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

31:22Copy video clip URL Ted Turner, media entrepreneur, reads his ten “voluntary initiatives” to help the environment. From the National Association of College Broadcasters.

34:48Copy video clip URL “Korea is One” by Young Koreans United of U.S.A. Since the Korean war in 1953, the 38th parallel has divided the country into North and South Korea. Students from Communist North Korea demonstrate for reunification.

38:14Copy video clip URL Quayle Watching. While visiting Latin America, Vice President Dan Quayle distributes flags.

39:14Copy video clip URL “The Nutty Professor” by Randy Marcus. Marcus plays a professor character who demonstrates how to “make” The 90’s in a test tube.

40:00Copy video clip URL “Red M&M’s” by Bianca Miller. Nostalgic music video.

42:34Copy video clip URL Connie White, spokesperson for Save Our Cumberland Mountains, talks about the fragility of life.

44:30Copy video clip URL “Lava My Life” by Matt Gilson and Alex Keay. Documentary about lava lamps.

46:45Copy video clip URL “Greater Yellowstone News” by Phil Morton and Elizabeth Laden. Duck hunting with decoys and canine retrievers in Yellowstone National Park.

50:18Copy video clip URL Ted Turner talks about poverty. From the National Association of College Broadcasters.

52:02Copy video clip URL Santa’s Christmas Chain. Joe Cummings reports. An electrical trolley train with Santa, Mrs. Claus, their helpers, elves and reindeer travel from Mukwonago, Wisconsin to East Troy, seven miles a way.

55:40Copy video clip URL “Mother Earth” by Ark Trust. An animated Earth warns about environmental disaster

57:48Copy video clip URL Credits.

1:00:24Copy video clip URL Promo for THE 90’s.

1:01:01Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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