The 90’s, episode 113: Global Voices

Episode 113 of the award-winning TV series The 90's. This episode is called "GLOBAL VOICES" and features the following segments:

00:51Copy video clip URL Cold Opening. Shots of a protest in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

01:52Copy video clip URL “Panama” by Che Che Martinez in collaboration with Deep Dish TV. This tape was shot in Panama three weeks after the U.S. invasion in December 1989 that deposed leader Manuel Noriega. It attempts to contradict the rosy portrayal of the invasion popularized by the U.S. media, and was produced at great risk to the producers and to the Panamanians. Several Panamanians express their feelings about the U.S. invasion: “The U.S. imperialists are an enemy of Latin America… the new government will try to appear democratic… I don’t share the idea that anyone is receiving humane treatment…”

07:45Copy video clip URL Richie Havens commentary by Skip Blumberg. “We are now facing actual problems in an actual world and we have to stop throwing our weight around…”

8:36Copy video clip URL “Brazil Air Pass” by Wendy Appel and Alan Barker. Appel and Barker investigate alternatives to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

17:31Copy video clip URL “African Religious Festival” by Skip Blumberg. In Queens, African-Americans connect with their heritage by holding a traditional African festival.

20:57Copy video clip URL Whad’Ya Know? with Michael Feldman by Ricki Katz. The NPR show is taped in front of a live audience at Chicago’s Blackstone Theatre.

24:08Copy video clip URL “Voices of Cabrini” by Fred Bridges. People try to contradict negative stereotypes about Cabrini Green residents. “Come check it out. You’ll see more positive than negative.”

26:01Copy video clip URL “Joe the Worker.” U.S. government propaganda salutes the American worker.

26:47Copy video clip URL “Panama” by Chi Chi Martinez / Deep Dish TV Collaboration. Prof. Chu Chu Martinez, a Panamanian poet, voices anti-American sentiment: “…the American invasion has caused the word ‘future’ in Panama to have a different meaning…The U.S. has given us a blow that has hurt us deeply… our poetry, our philosophy, our economy….” He asks the U.S. military to leave Panama immediately.

32:14Copy video clip URL John Dinges commentary by Eddie Becker. Dinges, a foreign editor for National Public Radio, criticizes the American press for “falling for the anti-Noriega campaign immediately… they were too eager to demonize him… they should have been more critical.”

33:42Copy video clip URL “Panama” by Chi Chi Martinez / Deep Dish TV Collaboration. Prof. Chu Chu Martinez rails against American Media: “I hate the U.S. media… they’re wicked… How can they say there are only 250 Panamanians dead… there are thousands dead…”

35:08Copy video clip URL “Revolutionary Video” by Chuck Olin. Olin shows us how video was used as a rallying force in the Czech revolution.

36:36Copy video clip URL “TV O/D” by Steve Wolfson. Music video featuring a rapid series of television images.

37:09Copy video clip URL Todd Alcott performance piece by Skip Blumberg.

40:02Copy video clip URL Faith Popcorn commentary by Skip Blumberg. Popcorn consults Fortune 500 companies in how to move forward into the 21st Century.

41:21Copy video clip URL “Brazil Air Pass” by Wendy Appel and Alan Barker. Appel and Barker investigate more specifically the dilemma of deforestation in the Amazon.

47:12Copy video clip URL Fritzjof Capra commentary by Starr Sutherland. Capra, a philosopher at the Elmwood Institute in Berkeley, is convinced that we need to shift our thinking “from domination and control to partnership…from quantity to quality…” He thinks this kind of thinking is already happening that events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the upheaval of Eastern Europe are political manifestations of this new philosophy.

49:56Copy video clip URL “The Fall of Lenin” by Kris Czaplinski. In Cracow-Nova Huta, Poland, citizens rejoice as the statue of Lenin lies on the ground: “He was an unwanted leader who impoverished our world.”

53:50Copy video clip URL “We Can Make A Difference” by Lawrence Lanoff. Various children claim they can make a difference in the world.

55:43Copy video clip URL Joe Cummings reads from The 90’s mail bag.

56:41Copy video clip URL Credits.

59:19Copy video clip URL Promo for THE 90’s.

59:53Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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