The 90’s, episode 208: Relationships, Sexuality, And Some Revolutionary Ideas

Episode 208 of the award-winning TV series The 90's. This episode is called "RELATIONSHIPS, SEXUALITY AND SOME REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS" and features the following segments:

01:00Copy video clip URL Cold opening with Walter Teague.

02:27Copy video clip URL “My Dad, Bob” by Vicki Polon. Polon interviews her newly-single 81-year-old father who is getting into the dating game. He has already placed a personal ad and has formed a steady relationship with a 30ish young woman. “The best advice I can give any man is stay single and raise your children the same way.”

05:03Copy video clip URL “Finding Our Way” by Nick Kaufman Productions. Twelve heterosexual, bisexual, and gay men between the ages of 27 and 71 retreat for the weekend to talk about their sexuality in a therapy-like setting. The men are suprisingly candid and emotional about sex: “I feel the closest to someone when I’m making love to them…I like getting to know someone’s psyche, emotions.” “I like the smell, taste and messiness of sex.” “I’d like to have a woman without being judged by her, even though I have a preference for men.” “I’d like to have sex and not worry about dying.”

09:57Copy video clip URL “Horse Breeding” by Joe Cummings and Ricki Katz. Joe Cummings visits the Garden Prairie Horse farm and learns about breeding horses. He closes the program this summary: “So that’s how horses do it. That’s the whole secret. They don’t know each other too well, they know each other from around the stables and out here in the field, but uh, they just got together and did their thing. And they’ll know in 48 hours if it took, and if it didn’t, then Little Petal and Flying Rich get together again. And they do what folks do…they make it!”

13:21Copy video clip URL “The Romance of Reorganization” by Alison Morse. An animated sperm ballet.

15:04Copy video clip URL “Sexual Roulette” by Samuel Warren Joseph. A melodrama about AIDS made during the time when AIDS was still seen as a gay disease and there was no real treatment. The message is that infidelity is now a deadly game.

32:37Copy video clip URL An excerpt from “A Trip to Moscow” by Skip Blumberg. In this segment we’re on the plane to Moscow. We see passports, customs and we meet a Yugoslavian TV producer who complains about the “bureaucratical behavior” in her country. “Although the Iron Curtain is coming down it’ll take time for the ordinary person to feel the difference.”

39:59Copy video clip URL “Revolutionary Music from Tigray” by Eddie Becker. While Becker was visiting Ethopia to document famine, the country was in flux as rebel groups fought the military government for control of the country. Becker shoots a band of rebels singing war songs, lead by a young boy with a machine gun. The lyrics are translated later in the program.

43:47Copy video clip URL “Homes For Sale” by Anne Lewis and Appalshop. When the mining company that owned the town of Trammel, VA, decided to let go of its holdings in auction, the residents were faced with the risk of losing all of their homes. This tape documents the auction of the houses and the work of the town to buy as many homes back as possible.

50:15Copy video clip URL “Cars and Owners” by Chip Lord. Phil Garner shows us his “Nauti-mobile,” a 1968 Buick that has been altered to function as both boat and car.

52:05Copy video clip URL “Dan Quayle: Golf Your Way to the Top” by Gross National Product.

52:48Copy video clip URL “Earth Day Nun” by Dee Dee Halleck. At 1990 Earth Day celebrations in San Diego, a black nun expresses frustration that activists are ignoring domestic issues. “We’ve freed Mandela, we’ve helped Nicaraguans… can we get down to racism now?”

53:42Copy video clip URL More from “Revolutionary Music from Tigray.” We see the performance a second time with the lyrics translated. “Be the first to fight in the front line…Unite… Be courageous, the struggle continues…”

55:04Copy video clip URL Joe Cummings reads from The 90’s mail bag over end credits.

58:10Copy video clip URL promo.



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