The 90’s, episode 211: Everyday Addictions: Alcohol And Nicotine

Episode 211 of the award-winning TV series The 90's. This episode is called "EVERYDAY ADDICTIONS: ALCOHOL AND NICOTINE" and features the following segments:

2:02Copy video clip URL “California Highway Patrol” by Nancy Cain. We follow a Sgt. Gordon J. Graham on his traffic rounds. He explains the dangers of drinking and driving and shows us how to spot a drunk driver.

7:19Copy video clip URL “Drunk Driving Stories” by Nancy Cain. John, a former alcoholic, describes the reckless behavior he engaged in while drunk.

10:37Copy video clip URL “Hollywood Handshake: OK Bubbye” by Bianca Miller. A music video.

13:12Copy video clip URL Alison Dunn commentary by Kathie Robertson. Dunn, an addiction counselor, informs us about the types of addiction. “There are two distinct kinds of addiction – substance addiction, such as addiction to caffeine, nicotine etc, and process addiction, which is an addiction to gambling or sex or relationships, etc. Addiction is a spiritual disease, it removes us from ourselves and causes us to feel powerless, it causes us to be out of touch with ourselves and what our life is really about.”

14:58Copy video clip URL Tony Schwartz commentary by Skip Blumberg. Schwartz, a media activist, shares the philosophy behind some of his anti-smoking commercials. According to him, the most effective means for personal change is shame, and the key to successful radio and TV campaigns is to harness this shame.

22:37Copy video clip URL Rev. Calvin O. Butts commentary by Skip Blumberg. Rev. Butts, an anti-cigarette activist, talks about his efforts to pressure tobacco giants to stop advertising. “The sale of tobacco and alcohol diametrically opposes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Smoking kills!”

26:40Copy video clip URL Australian anti-smoking commercial.

27:08Copy video clip URL Vintage Muriel cigar commercial.

27:30Copy video clip URL Nazareth’s Storefront Smoke Lounge, Beverly Hills, CA by Jay April. A group of cigar smoking men rail against antismoking propaganda. “Where can a man smoke a cigar these days?” They reminisce about the elegant cigar smokers of old like Orson Wells, George Burns, Winston Churchill, etc. “It’s sad today, the public is learning that smoking is terrible for them. It’s a knee-jerk reaction. It’s just like Prohibition!”

33:00Copy video clip URL More from Tony Schwartz. We watch one of Schwartz’ commercials and hear his opinion on the legality of smoking. “Cigarettes shouldn’t be outlawed. A lot of people are addicted and need to smoke, and they should smoke in the privacy of their own home or outdoors. Your right to smoke ends when it affects my nose, my heart, my lungs.”

34:49Copy video clip URL “California Highway Patrol” continued. Sgt. Graham pulls over another suspected drunk who turns out to be simply a bad driver driving a group home from church.

36:21Copy video clip URL “Do You Like What You’re Driving?” by KDN Videoworks. In Detroit, the lottery advertises by enticing folks to buy tickets to upgrade what they drive. We meet interview obsessive lottery players and store clerks who have sold winning tickets.

39:36Copy video clip URL “Opium in Thailand” by Bart Friedman & Charles Gatewood. We go to an opium field and learn how it is harvested and consumed.

42:58Copy video clip URL “Rumba” by Charles Wiener. A spoof where people testify to their Rumba addiction.

47:57Copy video clip URL “California Highway Patrol” continued. Sgt. Graham follows a car that is breaking excessively and changing lanes unnecessarily. Not a drunk driver, however, just a nervous girl. “Girls very rarely drink and drive…they don’t have anything to prove.”

49:35Copy video clip URL “Drunk Driving Stories” continued. A young woman named Allison relates the drunk driving incident that finally convinced her she was an alcoholic.

51:45Copy video clip URL “California Highway Patrol” continued. Sgt. Graham apologizes for not catching a drunk driver yet. He pulls over another weaving car and finds his drunk. We witness the sobriety tests and the arrest.

53:03Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “George Talking Straight “by Marian Marzynski. Documentary about an amiable small-town drunk.

54:45Copy video clip URL More from Tony Schwartz. Schwartz tells us about a particularly controversial radio spot which he recently created to warn against drunk driving. The spot graphically describes a body being crushed in a car crash in order to scare the listener. “Your front bumper and grille is smashed. Your body hurtles forward at twenty times the force of gravity. Your knee joints snap. You are impaled on the steering shaft. The jagged steel punctures your lung and inter-costal arteries. Your head smashes into the windshield. Blood spurts from your lungs. You are now dead. Please don’t wait for your luck to run out – don’t drink and drive.”

56:24Copy video clip URL Vintage beer and cigarette commercials under credits.

58:50Copy video clip URL :30 promo.


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  1. Laurel says:

    I remember seeing the Hollywood Handshake music video on tv when I was about 12 or 13, but I think it was a different show. Like an ameteur music video competition show or something like that. Anyway, I only think I saw it once and this is the first time I’ve seen it since then, but for somereason it stuck with me and to this day I still randomly get the lyrics stuck in my head and start singing them. Really surprised I still remember them and really surprised I could track it down with a quick google search. Very random. Anyway, Bianca Miller, whoever you are, you made an impression.

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