The 90’s, episode 213: Fun And Games

Episode 213 of the award-winning series The 90's. This episode is called "FUN AND GAMES" and features the following segments:

0:48Copy video clip URL Kit Sibert commentary by Nancy Cain. Sibert, a social worker, has this to say about personal fulfillment. “Everybody has a sense of humor, but it’s infinitely varied and what you do for fun is infinitely varied. What’s the common denominator? It has something to do with what’s liberated inside.”

2:00Copy video clip URL “Spare Time” by Alix Litwack. Documentary extolling the virtues of bowling. Ray Bluth, Hall of Famer, explains, “It allows people to do something together. You can be old or young, an executive or an ordinary guy. Bowling lets you forget your problems.” We visit Epiphany Lanes, in the basement of a church in St. Louis, where some old-timers extol the virtues of the game. “People who don’t bowl don’t know what they’re missing. I wouldn’t miss my bowling night unless there were a death in the family or one of my kids got married. Thank God I’m still alive and able to bowl!!”

6:53Copy video clip URL “Mountain Biker “by Nancy Cain. On Piuma Road in Malibu, California, Greg Hodal pedals uphill. “I’m just trying to do as well as I can each time and go as fast I can.”

7:33Copy video clip URL “Fiesta de San Fermin” by Esti Galili Marpet. In July, 1990, at Fiesta de San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain we share the excitement surrounding the annual Running of the Bulls. There ‘s singing and dancing in the streets and we end with a bullfight.

11:13Copy video clip URL More from Kit Sibert. Sibert says that movement and exercise are fundamental to letting go of anger (which is the first step to having fun).

12:23Copy video clip URL “Midnight Basketball League” by Pat Creadon. At the Henry Horner Homes in Chicago’s West Side, African American youths play basketball every Tuesday and Thursday at midnight. Vincent Lane, Director of the Chicago Housing Authority, explains that this activity is successful because the “kids are in the gym and off the streets.”

19:09Copy video clip URL “The Fun Zone” by Ken Brown. Stop motion animation and images of Coney Island amusement park.

19:53Copy video clip URL “Electronic Cafe” by Wendy Appel and Alan Barker. In Santa Monica, California, Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz have developed a model for a community level teleconferencing center, using inexpensive videophone technology. It’s an immediate and informal method for people around the world to learn about each other’s culture. They connect with people from Nicaragua and Russia. “These electronic meetings are bringing as much excitement today as the black and white Sony Portapak brought to independent television in the late ’60s.”

25:47Copy video clip URL “Busia and Cioc” by Valjean McLenighan. A clip from a video shot in 1970 with a black and white Portapack. An 80-year-old Polish immigrant shares her disappointment with America: “I was a slave in Poland and I heard America was a free country. I worked terrible hard here for nothing and was treated like dirt.”

26:20Copy video clip URL More from Kit Sibert. Kit Sibert talks about how she personally has fun. “When I’m with somebody and laughing, I’m having fun. But I resist having fun. I love going to the beach and body surfing but I never want to go. And yet when I get there and start doing it it’s always fun.”

29:25Copy video clip URL “Maxwell Street Market” by Joe Angio. A short portrait of the Chicago institution with music and dancing on a Sunday in June 1990.

30:02Copy video clip URL “Mountain Biker “by Nancy Cain. Greg Hodal is riding his bike and huffing and puffing: “This is exciting time – under sixteen minutes to Twin Poles.”

30:25Copy video clip URL “Mountain Man” by Phil Morton. Paul Boruff denies that he ‘s a real “Mountain Man.” “There are very few people who honestly deserve the title of ‘Mountain Man.'” Boruff claims he’s “just a “performer,” then demonstrates loading gun powder in his gun, and sings “I Call The Wind Mariah.”

32:41Copy video clip URL “Baseball City” by Nancy Cain. In Agoura Hills, California, Jody Procter practices in a batting cage and talks about the American obsession with baseball. “Baseball is a secular religion. Three million people a year go to see the Dodgers play at Dodger Stadium. I like the whole thing about baseball. It locks me up to a thing that goes deep in my life. It summarizes everything I feel about security.”

39:05Copy video clip URL “Elephant Games” by Skip Blumberg. Elephants perform tricks in Surin, Thailand.

43:51Copy video clip URL “World Cup Fans” by Luca Celada. A glimpse of Italian-style soccer at the World Cup in 1990.

44:54Copy video clip URL American children play soccer, while their parents encourage them from offscreen.

45:12Copy video clip URL Bill Wade, an ex-NFL quarterback, comments on how soccer will overtake other sports in terms of popularity. He thinks that it is “dangerous” that soccer will overtake American football: “…football is important to [the USA]…way beyond what most people think.”

45:43Copy video clip URL “Boomerang” by Eddie Becker. Becker runs in to a man tossing around a boomerang in a park in Washington, D.C.

47:31Copy video clip URL “Democratic Nominee Board Game” by Gross National Product. A satirical look at the search for a Democratic Presidential candidate.

48:34Copy video clip URL More from Kit Silbert. Kit Silbert offers more advice about fun: “To lie on the couch and read is relaxing, but it’s not fun. It’s a cerebral experience. Fun has to be sensual.”

49:14Copy video clip URL “The King and Di” by Judith Binder. A woman ordered a sex toy on a lark and talks about her experience with this sex substitute. “It’s the secret to abstinence and total happiness. The only problem is that it could become addiction and the sad part is that you can’t hug anybody afterwards and you can’t give love.”

54:10Copy video clip URL Sweet Honey in the Rock performs “Seven Day Kiss” on stage by Michelle Parkerson. From “Gotta Make this Journey.”

56:57Copy video clip URL “Mountain Biker” (under credits). Our biker coasts downhill and talks to his bike, “Well you won the race, eh big boy?” Also with audio of Joe Cummings reading letters to The 90’s.

59:35Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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