The 90’s, episode 216: Invasions And Revolutions

Episode 216 of the award winning series, The 90's. This episode is called "INVASIONS AND REVOLUTIONS" and features the following segments:

01:59Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Invasion in Panama: Legacy of a Massacre” by Barbara Trent and The Empowerment Project. An excerpt from a documentary examining allegations of widespread civilian killings committed by U.S. troops during the 1989 invasion of Panama.

07:08Copy video clip URL “Century City” by Nancy Buchanan and Sue Kurvink. A protest for assorted liberal causes outside a fundraiser for Republicans in Los Angeles. The protesters try to coax Republicans in formal wear on balconies to join them with the chant, “Jump, Jump, Jump…”

08:16Copy video clip URL “Black Consciousness Movement” by Andrew Jones. Various leaders of anti-apartheid movements in South Africa talk about their struggle. In Johannesburg, protesters sing and dance while boarding a bus.

15:13Copy video clip URL “Krishna vs. Christians” by Nancy Cain. A short video about a Hare Krishna parade in Venice Beach, California and the Christians who are on hand to protest it.

23:10Copy video clip URL “Israeli Soldiers” by David Cort. Israeli soldiers discuss their moral hangups with the fighting in Gaza: “I can’t see how a soldier can aim at a child…We don’t have anything to do here. I think many Israelis, not the majority, would happily give it back to Egypt.” Another soldier: “I don’t want to kill anybody. Maybe if someone wants to kill me I should kill him and feel good with it… Maybe it’s the natural thing to do…Maybe I’m too sensitive.”

26:10Copy video clip URL “Peat Bog Soldier” by Diane Weyermann. A portrait of Eddie Balchowsky, an American soldier who lost his right hand during the Spanish Civil War. He tells of his injury and his battle with drug addiction.

30:42Copy video clip URL “It’s Our Pleasure to Serve You” by Laurie Anderson. Satirical monologue on military spending. “But like all military research that goes over budget they keep reminding you, ‘Yeah sure we went a few billion over, but think of the spin-off technologies – tin foil, spray-on cheese. You’d never discover this stuff without spending some extra cash.'”

31:57Copy video clip URL “Namibian Independence, 1990” by Nancy Buchanan and Michael Zinzun. An interview with Rev. Peter Lamoela. He talks about the experience of raising the new flag after Namibia won its independence from South Africa in 1990. “I was rather glad America didn’t send George Bush. That would have been a low point… He is giving a whole lot of bandits sophisticated ammunition to fight us… how thankful he didn’t come… The world has made my people a whole lot of beggars.” A band leads celebration of independence.

36:13Copy video clip URL “Habitat for Humanity”by Nancy Cain. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter help put up a house for a black family in San Diego. Picketers protest because an environmental impact survey wasn’t conducted at the construction site.

40:12Copy video clip URL “Manic Denial” by Hal Rucker. This animated short chronicles the events that lead to one woman’s involvement in an antinuclear weapon protest. She remembers watching films about the Holocaust in school and how she didn’t blame Hitler, but the masses who allowed it to happen. They are ostrich people, she said. Similarly, her uncle ignored a missile silo right next to his farm. She gives a talk on denial at the hospital where she works…”How many times must we see a mushroom cloud before it doesn’t mean anything anymore?” She decides to stage a protest and sets up 100 life-sized cardboard ostriches around her small town. She and her accomplices wake up everyone they can with civil defense sirens to alert them of the impending nuclear war…just to make people think.

48:50Copy video clip URL “Prison Dialogue Continues” by Wendy Clarke and Shauna Garr. Prisoners from Chino Prison in California perform a rap that emphasizes the importance of staying in school. A few other inmates just talk to the camera: “If you intend on hurting someone else with your dreams, you’re going to end up in prison.” California high school students respond with their own video tapes – “I just want to say that it’s great that all of you want us to stay in school, but I just want to say that school really sucks.”

52:28Copy video clip URL “What Drives Disneyland” by Nancy Buchanan. Pixellated video from Disneyland. The message: that when people come to Disneyland they are immediately homogenized.

54:05Copy video clip URL “The Human Race” by Aashid. Aashid performs a song highlighting the world’s problems. “What’s wrong with the men of the world/maiming and killing and raping little girls…The human race is the happening thing.”

55:34Copy video clip URL End credits.

58:39Copy video clip URL Promo for The 90’s.



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