The 90’s, episode 219: Love, Marriage, And What Follows

Episode 219 of the award winning series, The 90's. This episode is called "LOVE, MARRIAGE AND WHAT FOLLOWS" and features the following segments:

1:10Copy video clip URL Cold open with Mary LeRaven. “Of course, when you find that the marriages do last and work out, you find that there’s something wonderful in a man’s pants.”

1:20Copy video clip URL 90’s opening.

2:03Copy video clip URL “I Do” by Catherine DeSantis. Various couples discuss societal portrayals of marriage and how they relate to their own marriages.

07:51Copy video clip URL “Houston” by Nancy Cain. Houston is a young fashion designer. She talks about a dress she made from a tablecloth she found at a garage sale and the chain link accessories which she got at the hardware store. About her training: “We go to college. We spend $50,000 and what we learn is to think like little kids again.”

10:09Copy video clip URL “Dateless” by Gary Glaser. A female performer does a monologue endlessly rehashing the reasons why she has been single for the better part of a decade.

15:45Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “The Kissing Booth” by Merrill Aldighieri and Joe Tripician. Excerpt from a documentary about kissing, featuring interviews with poet Emily XYZ and South African musician Spider.

17:10Copy video clip URL “John Lykes” by Jim Mulryan. An interview with a former womanizer about his obsession with sex, conquest, and women. “I remember one day in the ’70s I made love to four different ladies in one day…I’m not boasting; I just think it was a pretty special day…I was quite a predatory guy. When I saw a woman I wanted it was like seeing a piece of pizza I wanted to eat…I see in myself a change, a very very healthy change…It’s the person inside — that’s what is really beautiful…I think getting to know someone [is what’s important]…You know, a great connoisseur from France or Italy would take a glass of wine and savor it on the tongue before swallowing it. It’s not just gulping down the wine in great lusty drafts that satisfies you, it’s the flavor, the bouquet, the nuance.”

19:56Copy video clip URL “Safe Sex Slut” by Carol Leigh a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot. A satirical music video picking on the nation’s obsession with safe sex: “I fasten seat belts to stay alive/I never drive past 55/I watch TV/I don’t hang glide/I never drink insecticide/Safe Sex!”

21:17Copy video clip URL “Mary Le Raven” by Jim Mulryan. An older woman who makes art out of bones talks about her sex life and her art: “My husband died so soon, I think I snapped the life out of him… ‘Cause we had sex in the morning and sex in the evening, sex at lunchtime…and we did it because this was love and we liked what the other had.” Later she sings a song, “Bones is my business…I do any thing with bones…I got ’em with clothes on. I got ’em with clothes off…” She holds up a doll with a prominent erection and explains how she happened upon the bone that serves as the penis. Mulryan asks, “What do women think when men have penises like that?” She answers, “Well, the smaller ones they think less of…The large ones they worship…The men folk in my family carry the right kind…Of course, when you find that the marriages do last and work out, you find that there’s something wonderful in a man’s pants.”

27:16Copy video clip URL “AIDS PSA” by Gran Fury. An AIDS PSA with the message “Kissing doesn’t kill. Greed and indifference do. Corporate greed, government inaction and public indifference makes AIDS a political crisis.”

28:01Copy video clip URL “Teenage Pregnancy” by Fred Bridges. Counselors and black teenagers from Chicago talk about pregnancy. An anonymous woman: “Babies was not one of my choices of what I was planning to do with my future. I wanted to go to medicine school and be a nurse, help people…With a baby it’s going to be a lot harder and not so easy now…I was pregnant when I was twelve. I had the baby in the beginning of my 8th grade year. The father is 18 now. He recently made 18.” Ora Zachary, a social work assistant says, “98% of them do not finish high school…They have the second child before age 18…Their parents say, ‘I helped you with the first one — You have to come home and take care of you own kids’…It’s at the crisis stage at this point.”

33:34Copy video clip URL “Cabbage Patch Delivery Room” by Paper Tiger TV. Babies are delivered at the Cabbage Patch delivery room. The policy: “No returns, No exchanges.”

34:54Copy video clip URL More from “John Lykes” by Jim Mulryan. “The Hindu religion embraces sex as being godly. As a matter of fact, on the wedding night in a Hindu marriage, the man conceives of the woman as being an incarnation of a goddess, the woman envisions the man as an incarnation of a god…Their physical contact is very refined…the point being about tantric sex — this person, this partner, is there to assist you in your evolution…The ultimate in tantric sex is during the act of coitus when the man is inside the woman, he should be inside of her for at least a half hour, without ejaculating, remaining firm inside to point where the energy begins to move…and they leave their bodies in a state of bliss.”

37:09Copy video clip URL “My Dad, Bob” by Vicki Polon. Polon interviews her newly-single 81-year-old father who is getting into the dating game. He has already placed a personal ad and has formed a steady relationship with a 30-ish young woman. “The best advice I can give any man is stay single and raise your children the same way.”

39:50Copy video clip URL “Nimrod Workman” by Appalshop. A retired coal miner talks about his long marriage.

44:47Copy video clip URL “Leaving the 20th Century” by Max Almy. An ironic portrayal of dating in the ’90s. “He left because there was nothing good on TV…She left because she was overeducated and lost her grant.”

45:42Copy video clip URL “Finding Our Way” by Nick Kauffman Productions. Twelve heterosexual, bisexual, and gay men between the ages of 27 and 71 retreat for the weekend to talk about their sexuality in a therapy-like setting. The men are surprisingly candid and emotional about sex: “I feel the closest to someone when I’m making love to them…I like getting to know someone’s psyche, emotions.” “I like the smell, taste and messiness of sex.” “I’d like to have a woman without being judged by her, even though I have a preference for men.” “I’d like to have sex and not worry about dying.”

47:57Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Making it in Hollywood” by Tom Weinberg. Cissy Colpitts, an aspiring actress in Hollywood, tap dances outside.

48:26Copy video clip URL “Love Connection” by Jay April. A backstage view of the show “The Love Connection.” People discuss the difficulty of dating is in the ’90s. We watch some of the show and interview contestants backstage plus Eric Lieber, executive producer.

56:44Copy video clip URL “Wedding Dance” by Bob and Stacie Chukerman. A couple dances at their wedding to “Memories,” the theme from “Cats.”

57:04Copy video clip URL End Credits.

58:55Copy video clip URL Promo for The 90s.



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