[The 90’s first laydown]

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0:00 Color bars and slate.

0:20 Man introduces show; Art Linklater used to say “kids say the darndest things”; these days they talk about different things.

0:36 Man talks about smoking crack. “Crack Clouds Over Hell’s Kitchen” produced by Educational Video Center.

0:54 Rappers Krush Image do a slow rap about against smoking crack, intercut with people talking about effects of crack.

1:38 Ben and Pat smoke crack for the camera on the street. Interviewer asks them effects. Ben: “5 seconds ago, I was real tired. Now I have a lot of energy…The reason I’m doing this interview is #1 I’m sick of Manhattan, I ‘m sick of these people…and I’m out of here right now.” Ben talks about doing it for the first time to hang out with girls, and because he never felt anything like it before. “I haven’t had sex for three months. Because I’m too busy chasing crack.” “I walked from here…to the white house. Which looked like a big rock on the hill.” Ben washes windshields for money.

4:32 Negra talks about not being able to care for her daughter because of her habit.

5:25 Negra says her life is walking around, so she can’t be with her daughter. She says, “I don’t need help, I have my own problem.” A man on the street says she does need help, everyone needs help, otherwise she wouldn’t be talking to the camera. Negra says, “It’s true.”

6:29 Krush Image sing over ads for Substance Abuse hotlines.

7:57 Couple: “We’re from London and It’s the 90’s!”

8:00 Deep Dish TV Network Presents “People and the Land.” Iowa City, IA. Priest Father speaks to a large crowd about “liberating” FDIC equipment and “giving it sanctuary.”

9:15 “AIDS: Angry Initiatives, Defying Strategies.” Music video about “AIDS” from Toronto: “Stop the AIDS Plague, Safe Sex is fun.”

10:25 Young rappers sing a song about strong black leaders.

11:22 Grace Paley talks about TV as “a distributor of false facts and superficiality”, and we have to have good television because it is the people’s medium.

11:45 Woman introduces correspondent report from New York.

12:00 “The American Way” Woman talks about babies as the status symbols of the new decade. Talking about symposium, “What’s next for women in the 90’s?” She talks about women’s issues and their importance in the last decade of the 20th century. Video: Newspaper: “Will this be the status symbol of the nineties?” featuring photos of babies. A toy crawling baby crawls over the image.

13:36 Advertisement turns into a Pro-Choice March April 9, 1989 in Washington DC. People chant, “Pro-choice! Our bodies our lives our right to decide!”

14:16 Man talks about expansion of major league baseball in the 90s, and the toll it will take on the sport. He says corporate expansion will destroy the sport, and will make player salaries go up incredibly. He yells about “phony weight programs” that injure players.

16:30 Lee Sexton “Woah Mule”. Lee Sexton plays square dancing music on the banjo with his band while audience dances, over shots of Sexton plowing land with an old-fashioned plow.

19:18 “Hi, I’m Yvonne Hill, You’re watching the 90s!”

19:25 Bill Murray introduces “Wired In”, and Wired In title

19:44 Little kids talk about computers.

20:00 Joe Heller, age 14, says that because kids grew up on computers, they know they can control them. He dials up and checks email with his phone line. He reads a letter from “Rowena of Saxony”, who wants a pen pal.

21:10 Joel’s mother talks about how important the new technology is, though the technology is a little scary.

21:45 Joel reads back his response to Rowena of Saxon and signs it “White Unicorn”. He talks about not realizing that the person you talk to over the computer is actually a real person.

22:24 Joel’s mother talks about the generation gap coming into play.

22:39 Joel jokes about his mother’s suspicions.

22:55 Bill Murray riffs about digital technology. “Watches should have hands… people have hands! Watches should have hands!”

23:27 Old advertisement for the 1958 Edsel 475 and Edsel 400. The Edsel cruises down Western highways while the narrator praises the car. “The one that’s new and the lowest price too!”

24:55 Man talks about a Mexican Indian tradition, Tekkio, which is still going on the 90’s.

24:15 Footage of the ritual, over Mexican Indians speaking in their language about the tradition. Narrators talk about the disrepair their Municipal Center has fallen into, and the work they’ve done little by little without the help of the government. They plan to put the roof on today. Footage of citizens preparing to add the roof.

27:53 The town gathers together to talk about what they have learned from the experience.

28:40 END



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