The 90’s Next Election Special

The second of three election specials from the award winning series, The 90's. This episode is called "THE CONVENTION" and features moments from the Democratic National Convention in New York and the Republican National Convention in Houston in 1992. The producers tend to stay away from the regular news type footage and find the human interactions and the moments when the politicians are off their guard.

01:18Copy video clip URL Opening.

02:33Copy video clip URL “Stoney Burke at GOP Convention” by Bob Hercules. Comedian/activist Burke confronts various Republicans before and during the their convention. He asks straightforward questions about homelessness, and other social issues.

09:07Copy video clip URL “Alvin Toffler” by Jim Mulryan and Tabatha Mulryan. Toffler, author of “Future Shock,” talks about alienation in the American and Global political systems. He says that we only have the appearance of democracy.

10:56Copy video clip URL “Inside the Clinton Command Post” by Scott Jacobs. Clinton Command Trailer with John Hart, Chief Delegate Tracker. Numerous Clinton campaign workers monitor each major TV news network from Clinton’s Command Trailer. Jerry Brown supporters demand that he be given a chance to speak at the convention. John Hart, Clinton’s Chief Delegate Tracker, orders delegates from other states to drown out the shouting of Brown supporters. Clinton campaign worker strategize about how to suppress Brown supporters. John Hart: “Governor [Jerry] Brown will have two opportunities to speak on Wednesday night…what [Brown supporters] are engaging in is a debate over dates and times…Our official response…is anyone who is not ready to endorse [Clinton] is not ready for primetime.”

18:43Copy video clip URL “Political Buttons” by Eddie Becker. Button collectors at the convention show off and trade some of their buttons.

19:49Copy video clip URL “Houston T-shirts” by Robert Zeibell, Tomas Krejci, and Bart Weiss. A man at the republican convention sells t-shirts with slogans attacking the “liberal media.”

20:17Copy video clip URL “We Bought the T-shirt” by Merrill Aldighieri and Joe Tripician. A musical spoof that pokes fun at activist merchandising.

22:40Copy video clip URL “Coal Miner” by Eddie Becker. J. R. Hamlin, a coal-miner and single parent, talks to Becker at the Democratic Convention. He says he is supporting the democrats so that his daughter can have a future and to ensure health care for all the working people in America. He also says we need a new president.

23:16Copy video clip URL “In the Shadow of the Convention” by Art Jones and Mark Ledzian. Two African-American NYC fireman talk about racism.

23:44Copy video clip URL “Homeless in Aurora” by Steve Martini and James McCarthy. A homeless man says all he want is a job.

23:59Copy video clip URL “Woman President” Various people discuss the need for a female President.

24:50Copy video clip URL “W.A.C. Wheat Pasting” by Jules Backus. Members of the Women’s Action Coalition engage in an illegal poster campaign to raise awareness for their causes. A man harasses them for breaking the law and threatens to call the police.

27:29Copy video clip URL “Topless Demonstration” by Skip Blumberg. The cameras are turned on some of the action that is happening outside of the Democratic convention hall in NYC; including topless dancers advertising a strip club (and women’s rights advocates that oppose the objectification of women), and various demonstrators. A CNN cameraman is interviewed about objectivity in reporting.

30:36Copy video clip URL “What Happened to Larry Agran?” by John Axelrod and Brian Logan. Larry Agran, a democratic candidate for president, complains that he received no media attention during the election, even though he was on the ballot in forty states. He says he was discriminated against by the press – including being cropped out of news photos of presidential candidates.

34:13Copy video clip URL “National Anthem” by Skip Blumberg. Aretha Franklin sings the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Democratic convention.

34:46Copy video clip URL “American Samoan Delegation” by Skip Blumberg. Daniel Langkilde, an American Samoan Delegate travels 13,000 miles to the Democratic Convention in New York City. As someone definitely outside the Beltway, Daniel talks about issues facing Samoans and their system of government. “[We have] a chief system… unlike the Convention, the final decision is made by the chief. When things don’t work the democratic way, you laugh, because it would have worked the Samoan way.”

39:24Copy video clip URL “W.A.C. in Houston” by Robert Zeibell, Tomas Krejci, and Bart Weiss. The WAC drum core demonstrates outside of the Republican Convention in Houston. They demand that women’s issues be addressed by the Republicans.

40:56Copy video clip URL “[G.H.W.] Bush Statue” by Robert Zeibell, Tomas Krejci, and Bart Weiss. Bush supporters comment on a bronze statue of the 41st president and talk about how they feel about the man himself.

42:02Copy video clip URL “Ian Shoales” by Starr Sutherland and Jules Backus. Shoales, a writer/humorist satirically speaks about “family values.”

43:06Copy video clip URL More from “Stoney Burke…” Burke interviews people at the Republican convention about the implied meaning of “family values” – “what is that a code for?” He goes on to interview Sonny Bono, Bruce Willis, and other celebrities in attendance.

50:09Copy video clip URL More from “Inside the Clinton Command Post.” We watch from inside the trailer as Bill Clinton wins the democratic nomination.

54:21Copy video clip URL “Don Novello” by Eddie Becker. Actor/comedian Don Novello, who is also a delegate for Jerry Brown, says that although Clinton is young, he might as well be a part of the old guard: “[Clinton’s nomination is like] the torch being passed to a new generation – underneath the table. The torch is being slipped to another generation … There’s nothing new here.”

54:48Copy video clip URL More from “Stoney Burke …” Burke stands at the podium and declares himself a candidate for president.

56:14Copy video clip URL End Credits.



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