[The 90’s on Entertainment Tonight]

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0:00 Audio starts, but video is scratchy.

0:23 Danny DeVito talks in interview about how Jack Nicholson is perfect for a particular role, in a movie about Jimmy Hoffa by David Mamet.

1:52 DeVito has changed his mind about Hoffa.

2:28 Joseph Waumbaugh and other ex-cops cash in on crime stories in Hollywood, adding accuracy. Reports that Brooke Shields answering door in negligee is unrealistic.

3:53 Mike Sheehan talks about being an actor and a cop.

4:28 TV series Crime Stories. Dennis Farina compares “real real” violence and the violence you see on television.

5:18 How the job acts on the cop, instead of the cop acting on the job.

5:47 Two new shows to premiere.

5:58 “Gray Power” and Oscar. Billy Idol.

6:38 Commercial Break: 7-Up, DiGiorno pasta, Matrix Essentials hair products, Oldsmobile, Showtime.

9:13 Back to ET. Leeza Gibbons interviews Dolly Parton about her new movie, “Straight Talk”. Plans for a new albu m.

12:18 John Tesh presents “Live From Death Row”, made for TV movie about electrocution and tabloid reporters.

14:02 Coming Attractions. CBS’ “Up to the Minute”. **PBS’ “The 90s” go behind the presidential primaries, making you feel present through the use of video-cameras. Joel Cohen and Tom Weinberg talk.** Mr. Bean. Tim Allen’s new comedy tour “Rewired” and the success of “Home Improvement”.

15:58 Tesh refers to MC Hammer is “too legit to quit”. Behind the scenes of a music video. Gospel singers, Sinbad, boxers. New tour.

17:53 Commercial Break: Carson Pirie Scott, Don Bluth’s “Rock-a-Doodle,” Uniglobe Travel, Isuzu, President’s Choice cookies at Jewel, Carson Pirie Scott.

20:23 Back to ET. John Tesh presents Billy Idol, in court for battery charges, sentenced without jailtime. Justification for the perhaps lenient sentence, because Idol was rem orseful.

22:38 Michael Jackson feeds hungry in LA. Garry Marshall. The play “Conversations with My Father”. Gloria Estefan sings in Miami with symphony.

23:58 Commercial Break: Ad for a special report on out-of-control gambling, Pontiac Grand-Am, Montgomery Ward week, WTMX Mix 102, Jenny Craig.

26:25 Back to ET. April 1, Birthdays. Inside stories for tomorrow. John Tesh about to get married.

27:23 Credits, and MC Hammer’s newest video. Young woman’s alleged involvement with Bill Clinton.

28:18 End show.

28:23 Commercial Break: Ocean Spray, Oldsmobile, Showtime, Veryfine.

30:24 On next.

30:28 Beginning of TV show. Old man spies on neighbors, his grown son complains about not being able to sleep.

31:29 End of tape.



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